New Large Sized Prints!

    Good morning! I have some great news from the shop— I have a few larger sized prints in these four designs that are now ready to sell! They measure 11×14″ and the colors came out brilliantly. I’m so pleased with them! And I dont know if you can really see how large they are in this photo– but they are a really great size. They are now listed in my etsy shop, so if you’ve wanted a larger sized Anne and Diana, Madonna and Child in Blue, Maple and Bittersweet or St. Lucia— now is your chance!

  In other news, Bonnie over at A Knotted Life was so sweet to choose me as one of her favorite instagrammers to follow and I did a little interview with her HERE on her blog. She’s got some other wonderful instagrams highlighted, Im flattered to be a part of the group!

   Ohhh, and also— Just this morning I noticed that I had several “new blog comments” that needed approving. I’m not sure why, since I dont have my settings set up to approve comments— but there were some of your comments, some from as far back as June! I’m not sure what happened there. But I did approve the comments now, and sorry about that weird delay! Not sure why it did that.

  Anyhow….today we went on a little walk and I tried to weed out my garden a bit and take out those poor plant souls that didn’t survive July and August. Late summer gardens are rather depressing out here. I see lush gardens on other blogs, and people up northeast in their woolies and sweaters already and just sigh. Oh September, hurry please!

   Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Talk later–

4 thoughts on “New Large Sized Prints!

  1. What a great interview, Heather! I am so happy that you shared that with us too.Your new large prints are a great addition to your shop as well!Well, summer plants here have just gone ballistic with all of this constant rain. Things are reaching at your feet and head in the yard and the driveway never dries so it is slick with algae or mold or something disgusting! Please, please cold fronts push past the Florida/Georgia border and give us some drier weather. September, I am counting on you to do your job and help us all out!


  2. I'm so excited for the larger prints! I definitely have a couple in mind that will make incredible Christmas gifts! (and maybe a couple for myself as well) 😉


  3. We had a nice morning today…the rest of the week in the high 90s but Im hoping…HOPING….this is the end of this nonsense! We need our autumn and we need it NOW! 😀


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