Autumn Preparations

       The weather is changing. Fall is flirting with us. We’ve mellowed, that’s for sure, and after today’s heat a cold front will be coming through—- oh sweet words to my ears! And is it possible?! A day of sweater wearing is in my near future? Be still my heart!
   And while the outdoors does more of a slow transition, fall is more definite indoors. September came and it was time to start thinking of autumn art, especially with “An Autumn Gathering” happening this weekend!
   Lovely friends have also helped move the season merrily along— like Winnie sending me some of her wonderful Apple Pie Coffee mix that she makes herself, and my sweet new friend Amy Seavey sending me the most amazing care package— a year’s reading of Yankee Magazine!
  She had told me she would send me the latest fall issue (Amy is an editor at this fabulous publication) because Tasha Tudor is featured in it– with a fantastic article. Imagine my surprise when not just a magazine came to my door— but a box full of New England treasure! I was positively giddy to open it up and so touched by her thoughtfulness. I’ve got many a chilly autumn evening’s reading lined up now, for sure!

     It’s been a busy week here for sure— I’ve been working hard on some new original pieces to put in the shop, and in the middle of it all Robbie has started getting his top front teeth. Which, if you don’t recall getting your own, is totally no fun. Poor kid has needed extra cuddles, baby Tylenol, and for some reason really wants to go crazy and be wide awake at about 10 at night. It makes for interesting days, for sure. Well, maybe not so much ‘interesting’ as ‘exhausting.’ But still….he’s the sweetest boy I know!

      Luckily, though, I’ve had some nap time relief (he gets to nap! I try to paint and ignore the dishes in the sink) I’ve loved going through my photos of last autumn’s New England trip, and getting out my Halloween decorations. One of my favorite little pieces is this square painting (shown above) that I made for myself– and also matching ones for Emily and Alyson. It was in commemoration of our trip, especially our stay in Salem. Now every time I see it I can be reminded of that special trip!

   But oh yes, first things first! The Autumn Gathering is coming up! And its super easy for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you are. In fact, I insist that you attend in your pajamas. Fix yourself some coffee, better yet— some coffee cake! I’ll be updating my etsy shop with my new autumn items first thing Saturday morning (the 13th) so please stop by and see if there’s anything you need!

well, better get back to painting!~
Til next time,

5 thoughts on “Autumn Preparations

  1. Your Fall Gathering is the best possible way to welcome in the Fall season with all it's color, scents, delights, and mystery!! I will be trying to catch alone home on Saturday morning, BUT , I plan on having a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte as soon as we clear security to visit with everyone while I wait to board the plane!! Those little boxes are fantastic!!


  2. Everything about this post is so lovely. (Except for your sweet baby's teething, of course. Ouchy.) It's cooler here today, and is supposed to be like this until Monday, although I'll be recuperating from sinus/nose surgery tomorrow, so I'll miss most of it. Drat. I have that exact copy of Phantom of the Opera. 🙂 I love your witchy, pumpkiny art!!!


  3. You always manage to nail the magic and beauty of Autumn to perfection. I really should whisper this but it's not my favourite of seasons although it is completely charming of course! I'm too busy mourning the passing of summer and dreading the shortening days to like it in theory. But in practice I am bowled over by its mellow light and changing leaves…and crumble, of course!It's good to catch up with you.Stephanie


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