An Autumn Gathering

    Good morning, friends! It’s time once again for An Autumn Gathering! I’ve been busy making some new autumn pieces and stocking the etsy store with some of my best autumn prints. I cant wait to share all of this with you all, as we delve into my favorite season— autumn!

   So come on in, step inside— take a mug of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie and browse the new autumn offerings….

  All of these pieces are freshly listed in the etsy store— so if you see something you love— please come on in and take a look! Ive had a lot of fun making these pieces to share with you. I’d love to send them off to new homes where they can spread the love of autumn!

   Thanks so much for stopping by!~ Happy Autumn!~

22 thoughts on “An Autumn Gathering

  1. I'm excited to see your new holiday stuff! So you're not doing the Deluxe Indie show this year? I'll miss seeing you there and possibly picking up another original. 😉 So where is Indie Emporium going to be?


  2. Oh, I love this vintage photo of all of \”us blog friends\”! Yes, only one more week before the beginning of what I hope will be a long and beautiful fall season! I am excited about the new Audrey Eclectic Fall Debut as well! It will be so much fun to look forward too this coming week and a wonderful distractor from hurricanes swirling around the state!


  3. Good Morning Heather!With Pumpkin Spice coffee in hand, I just finished browsing the new fall line in the shop and excited to say that the Enchanted Pumkin will have a new home! There are so many great new paintings and I know I will be back to shop for Christmas soon. In celebration of the Fall Gathering, I am making white chili and baked apples today along with endless cups of The Fresh Market Pumpkin Spice coffee. A sort of \”virtual menu\” for all of your blog viewers since we don't have a bricks and mortar store to shop at. Everyone is invited and I hope you will stop off for some chili. We will have the first football game on today for the Florida Gators so the door is open! Congratulations Heather on this beautiful opening of so many months of inspired work and long hours of painting! It is fabulous!!


  4. Thank you so much, ladies! Im so happy we could have this little online party to celebrate new art! And I'm so glad you like it!~Thanks to Winnie for giving my Enchanted Pumpkin Patch a new home, hehe! I'm so pleased to be finding my paintings homes to go to!~Happy autumn one and all!


  5. I just finished browsing your etsy shop and all I can say is WOW!!! You are such an amazing, talented artist! Looking at your paintings gives me such a feeling of joy and peace….I've found some favorite note cards! 😀


  6. I will take all of them, please. Just send the bill to my husband and tell him Christmas is taken care of. ;-)Really though, GREAT work! I can tell you've been spending a lot of time getting ready for this season.


  7. I am finally at home and able to attend the Autumn Gathering! Actually, I was trying to write a reply at the airport this am, but their wifi threw out 2 entries! So, I am officially late but so happy to be here and see all of the the beautiful new paintings! I do love the New England inspirations and the colors are so rich. It is fun to see how each year of the Autumn Gathering brings new ideas and themes into your reflection on the huge diversity of the season through generations. I have been looking forward to today and I hope everyone here has a great launch to their Fall adventures! I'm off to shop for some of these \”MUST HAVES\”!!


  8. Everything looks soooo absolutely beautiful! I love the sweet mini paintings that are so nostalgic and reminiscent of Autumn's of yesteryear. I can't believe you did all this with a new baby around! You are amazing!


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