Spooky Reading and our Winner

     Hello there!~ How have you been since we last chatted? Well, I hope! It’s still hot here and I’m still cranky about it. But rain is coming, and fingers crossed, autumn weather— finally! It has to come…doesnt it???

   Anyhow, my reading has sure taken on a spooky autumnal turn, as The Audrey Eclectic Read-Along has just started “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!” You’re welcome to join us if you’d like, we have a facebook group where we chat about our reading.

   Above is a fun little painting I made last year as an ode to that legendary ‘Headless Horseman.’ A perfect tale for gathering around a camp fire, don’t you think? If you’d like your own print of it, I have copies in my etsy shop.

  And oh yes! I havent forgotten that the giveaway ends today!~ And a winner has been selected….

Our winner is….

Congratulations, my friend! I will be in touch and we’ll get your print sent on its spooky merry way!~

  Well, back to painting for me! It wont be long until I have Christmas Card Preorders to take– can you believe it!?! The seasons are getting closer. I refuse to let them be a time of stress though, its a time of joy. 
   Chat later–

3 thoughts on “Spooky Reading and our Winner

  1. Ohh, a little Spooky reading is perfect for October Eves! Even if it is still 87 degrees outside!!! I hope you get some fall like weather soon. October is such a perfect month to dive into those legendary scary stories. Remember Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? The first time I heard that one, I was definitely spooked!!


  2. I agree with Winniei- there's nothing like a bit of spooky reading on a chilly October evening! I really enjoyed reading this month's book- the writing and language are perfect. I like thinking it was supposed to have taken place not too far from here! 🙂


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