New Painting: St. Lucia Morning

   I am so happy to be able to share with you this pretty little St. Lucia painting— called “St. Lucia Morning.”
  I’m excited to have this piece done as it’s going to be part of my grouping of images I’m going to offer as a Christmas Postcard! Pre-Orders for the postcards are coming up VERY soon—- if all goes well they will be offered within a day or two!

   This painting, though, is very special. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my art and the direction I’d like to go with it in the future and after much deliberation— I’ve decided a literary direction is where my heart truly lies! And so, these children in this painting— they are part of that literary path. Perhaps we will see more adventures with them? 🙂

   “St. Lucia Morning” depicts a family of children taking part of the tradition of the oldest daughter getting to be “St. Lucia” and bring St. Lucia Buns and coffee to her parents before the sun rises. Traditionally she wears a crown of candles (although Ive seen them with safer electric bulbs now! My dad is worried I’m going to set fire to poor Audrey’s hair in a St. Lucia debacle. Don’t worry Dad, I wont!)

  And although St. Lucia (Saint Lucy) was technically Italian, the Scandinavians have adopted her as their own as the bringer of light— which is important in a place where it is often very dark and very cold by St. Lucia’s feast day on Dec. 13. It is said that night is the longest of the winter, and it slowly begins to get lighter each night after that.

  Well, hope you enjoy the painting! And stay tuned for more info on the Christmas Post Card Pre-Order!~
Til next time,

6 thoughts on “New Painting: St. Lucia Morning

  1. This new painting is lovely, Heather! All of the details are so sweet and the painting feels like a cold winter morning with the flannel jammies snowy tree outside the window! I can't wait to see about the Christmas card pre-orders! Time is moving so quickly towards the holidays!!


  2. This is so beautiful and nostalgic. I must say St. Lucia always reminds me of my Kirsten American Girl doll, loved her beautiful pioneering story. Such a gorgeous piece Heather.


  3. Last year, when I was very pregnant, we for the first time saw St. Lucia day. The celebration was organized by Swedish embassy in Vilnius and it took place in Church of St. Johns. It was so magical and surreal, that I hardly can find words (especially in English) to describe all the glory.Here is the photo from St. Lucia day in 2011, but I can assure you it looked exactly the same last year.


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