Putting the Garden to Bed

    Yesterday this ornery little gnome and I went outside and planted about 70 bulbs in our side yard. It was the last warm day before the cold front moved in last night— now many of us in the US are having a cold and shivery day! Hard to believe yesterday we were in short sleeves.

   The past few days have been all about putting the garden to bed for the winter, although Im still not done. This past year was terrible for gardening— basically, I couldnt do it— and so a lot of my big plans didn’t come to be. Honestly, MOST of them! Gardening is like a bad boyfriend sometimes 😉 you think “that’s it! It isnt worth it! You’ve disappointed me for the last time!” and then the roses appear and your heart softens and you’re…ok…maybe ONE more try 😉 However, I highly recommend a garden over a bad boyfriend 😉

   So now I’m back in the love stage, haha, with big plans for next year. I found out recently that a man who lived in this house for 40 years grew epic tomatoes in the back garden. His grandson was kind enough to share some memories with me about the place. So yes, next year we must have tomatoes. And I feel like the back rock garden and the garden for the carriage house is just aching to be a traditional English cottage garden. Wisteria is on my short list for things to get next spring, along with planting heaps and heaps of hollyhock, cosmos and zennias.

   I’ve also gone a tangent of researching bees— not honey bees, but more like Orchard Mason Bees-– which are great pollinators and very gentle, they rarely sting, and then only if being hurt. I like the idea of bees, but I dont want to mess with them, if you know what I mean. Looking at these type of bees, I think they’re a perfect fit! I’d like to make a bee house for them to move into during the early spring and lay their nests. Then we will have epic tomatoes again here on our corner lot.

  So yes…..quite strange things to be thinking about in November, aren’t they? Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to what captures my attention. But there are so many interesting things to learn about and try in this world. I feel like I learn more now than I ever did in school! 

  Speaking of school, there’s a little girl who needs her breakfast so she can be off to class— talk later! Thanks for coming by!~

7 thoughts on “Putting the Garden to Bed

  1. Haha love your gardening vs bad boyfriend analogy! I feel the same way. Every spring I think \”this is the year\” and then by July I'm like \”that's it! never again!!\” I just don't have the touch and it upsets me because my grandfather was quite literally a master gardener growing everything from flowers to vegetables and fruit- even grapes to make juice with. Why don't I have the touch? I don't know. I did manage to grow tomatoes this year and it's one of the things I'm most proud about. My hollyhocks never grew, and I killed all the herbs (I never know if I'm over watering or under watering?!) but my goodness I had tomatoes! (note: I don't even like tomatoes!) I\”d love to have bees one day too but I fear I'd starve them as there are no flowers to speak of. I had the \”never again\” thought around August and now I'm thinking \”well, maybe one more try next spring.\” I'm sure by the time the catalogs start coming in the mail in February or March I'll be planning again! There's nothing like drooling over a seed catalog after a few months of non-stop snow and ice!


  2. I hope you have wonderful tomatoes next year. Perhaps the soil there is ideal? I would love to grow holly hocks. Speaking of planting…I need to dig up my dahlia tubers…they were magnificent this year (1st time we ever grew dahlias)!


  3. I tried my hand at raising Mason Bees this past Spring. I ordered a small house and 50 cocoons, and followed the directions. All of my bees hatched, flew out …but they never returned and laid a cocoon in the Bee House like they are supposed to do. When I checked the house in late September, per instructions, there was not one single bee cocoon for next season. I am not sure if they didn't like their house or if they found a better place? You will have to let me know if you have success. The site used for supplies was CrownBees.com. I am thinking about trying one more time next Spring.


  4. I just recently heard about Mason Bees! I think I shall spend some time investigating them this winter and then maybe we'll have to attempt them in the spring! xo


  5. :O Did you know you have the cutest little gnome crawling around in your garden?! Hehe. How sweet. You are always two seasons ahead Miss Heather! Not that I mind, I'm the same. You have much more faith in your garden than I have in mine. After the year of the bug infestation on the pumpkin vines I've lost all hope lol.


  6. I love cottage gardens, my hollyhocks are still flowering which is very late in England. I planted three of them last year & plan to do more next year.Thank you for the special calender, the twins will be colouring theirs in next week.Can't wait to see the bulbs in flower.fondly Michelle


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