Snow and Christmas Cards

     Sitting here this morning at the dining room table looking out at a sky that is heavy with snow. I can feel it in the air, almost smell it. Snow is coming!
    Although our autumn foliage here has just peaked and we still have some leaves on the trees, winter is hot on autumn’s heels. And it’s that time, you know….to start thinking about Christmas cards!

      I’ve added a few of last year’s designs to my etsy shop and they are ready to purchase now. I am, (sigh), still waiting on my order of the 2014 designs. Half my order arrived earlier in the week totally unusable. It’s been a mad scramble to get them reprinted and pressing that I need them “ASAP” in a very nice way. They are being reprinted quickly though, and I should have them all (fingers crossed, knock on wood, say a prayer) next week. 
    Then I will send out all the pre-orders and stock the etsy shop with the remainder of the cards. 

    And so….I get back to thinking about Christmas things and waiting for snow. I’m making some little ornaments as well and will list them just as soon as they’re all ready! Readying for Christmas with a baby under foot is tricky, but we’re getting things done!~
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

3 thoughts on “Snow and Christmas Cards

  1. A snowy November day seems perfect for tomte making. Just yesterday, I was digging in my Christmas box and opened up the one with my AE Tomte smiling out at me. They are just so cute and perfect on our tree. Looking at the ornaments made me a bit excited about the upcoming arrival of trees and the chance to enjoy another season of them all decorated with lights and family memories!!


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