Join Me! St. Lucia Blog Procession Dec. 13

   Perhaps it’s the snow on the ground, but I’m already thinking about fun things to do here on the blog for the holidays! One thing that we had so much fun doing the year before last was the “St. Lucia Day Blog Procession” and I think it’s high time to bring back that tradition!

   How does this work, you ask? Well, it’s LOTS of fun! And a great way to make merry together! If you’d like to take part, all you’ll need to do is make a St.Lucia and/or Scandinavian Christmas themed post on your blog. 
   Then, you can come here to my blog— where I will have my post, complete with a linky tool embedded at the end, where you can also enter your blog post web link. Trust me— it’s very easy 🙂 and it will create a nice listing of everyone taking part so that we can all go visit each other’s blogs, say hello, and celebrate this special day!

   If you’d like to see the last blog procession post I wrote, you can view it HERE. (note, the linky tool has expired on that post, so it wont show up)

  I would LOVE to have you join me! Munch on some Lucia cakes, make some steaming fresh coffee, light some candles, and celebrate the feast day of this lovely saint celebrated around the world!

   St. Lucia brings the light, and also an opportunity for great friendship and merrymaking! 😀

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