New Routines

     This weekend the kids and I went out to the carriage house and cleaned up the art studio some more. Now that Robbie is a little older and more ‘free range’ to entertain himself, I’ve decided to try in work more in this great space, and so we’ve been carving out time and getting into a new routine to make that happen.
   Its going well— I’ve already got a painting done! If you’ve been peaking at instagram, you’ve seen it 😀 a little St. Brigid! I’ve got another piece drawn out and ready to start painting in. 

   I’m not sure if its the New Year or the baby turning one, or these things all happening at around the same time, but I’ve felt a strong urge to turn over a new leaf and have a fresh start. I feel like I’m coming out of a cocoon, and it’s nice. Having a baby in intense. You turn your life upside down for this little person that you’re completely in love with. You are the main source of comfort, food, love, and protection. But as they grow and learn to be independent by degrees, there’s a nice ‘coming home to yourself’ feeling. I was able to get a nice hair cut (first professional cut since 2013!), I’m trying to exercise more and think about projects and doing things outside of our nest. Baby is finally ok with hanging out for a little while with dad or his grandma, and so slowly, some independence is coming back. It’s nice!

   Also beginning to dream and plan more about our trip “out east” this summer and I cant wait. I am so excited to show my family all the beauty of New England. And I’m so excited to not be in Oklahoma for part of the hottest part of summer 😉 I love ya Oklahoma, but I do not love your brutal summers!

   Speaking of Oklahoma love— I’ve started hashtaging the “prairie project” photos I’m taking on instagram. Instagram has proven to be much easier to do this with, since its done with my phone and not the big camera. I will start posting these pics here on the blog once a week or so to share here with you. I hope you enjoy! 😀

  Well, better get started with the day!~

4 thoughts on “New Routines

  1. I just love your carriage house studio and delighted that it is working out to be a place you can have everything you need at your fingertips! It is hard to work where you are always cleaning up to feed the family etc. Now, you can simply get up, go back inside your house and return when work time is free. It must feel very good. Your new St. Bridget painting is lovely. I love that red hair and those cliffs!!So happy that you are finding new routines for yourself now that Robbie is getting older too! He has a whole world to explore and you have ideas you want to transform on to paper. Sounds like a win-win situation!


  2. Oh, yes! Having a baby around is definitely intense! It is like you have a new life when you find you are finally able to establish a new routine that might include more time for yourself!:-)


  3. That carriage house studio of yours is sooo divine Heather. An artist's dream! And you know I am loving your new painting, this little Irish lass loves the cliffs, the green, the cross, and the red hair! I don't know much about having babies but I can imagine how your whole life becomes about that one little human for a long time. My mom's still all about me and my brother even though we're in our mid-twenties now 😉


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