January Quiet

    And so here we are in winter, with the holidays behind us. I know that its easy to wish this time away in hopes of spring (which reminds me, I have tulip bulbs in the refrigerator, I digress….) This time, this cold gray January time, is a good time for quiet and selfish projects. Although I am working on a scarf for my brother, I just cast on a hat for myself. 
   Because A.
                 How could I just start and finish ONE knitting project at a time? That’s crazy talk!
and B
               January is selfish knitting month and darn it, I’d like to have something knitted and cute! Although I admit, its much more fun to knit and give it to someone. And hope their eyes gleam with delight and awe of your awesome skills. Luckily, I know my brother appreciates a good hand knit, so he’s one of the few I will invest a scarf in, haha.

   Of course this time last year— I wasn’t doing any knitting! I had a brand new baby on my hands! Do you remember? I do. I can’t believe he’s a year old already. Such a sweet, loving, ornery little boy! He’s his mama’s baby, for sure. Which works out well, since Audrey seems to be her Daddy’s girl.
   For his birthday I used the dala horse cake pans I got for christmas and they were perfect— the little one I made his cake with, and he did enjoy shoveling that little cake into his mouth, and then swigging down some whole milk. Yay for babies who can drink milk in a cup!

   I’ve also been looking through some of my favorite books for painting inspiration– including a couple about Williamsburg that I got for Christmas. Williamsburg is so fascinating to me, even though I’ve never been there. Someday we will go! 
   I was browsing my books the other day with some coffee and Boston Brown Bread, which is now one of my Favorite Things. It has raisins and molasses in it, so it is sweet. With a bit of butter and honey, it is pretty much heaven for breakfast.

   Well, I must go for now. I’m glad you got to stop in today, and I hope you’re having a wonderful 2015!~!
  Til next time,

14 thoughts on “January Quiet

  1. Williamsburg is one of my very favorite places to visit, probably third on the list with Martha's Vineyard first and the whole of New England second! I'm now motivated to look for a recipe for Boston Brown Bread! It sounds very appealing! Happy Birthday to that young one!


  2. Jeremy's brother used to live in Williamsburg. He went to William and Mary after he got out of the Navy. Wish we could have visited while he was there! That bread sounds wonderful! Hope Robbie and his mama had a good first birthday. ❤


  3. I am enjoying my knitting too Heather now Christmas is behind us. I would love to see your finished items.I would love to go to Williamsburg too & am interested in your books, I will to look for them on the internet.Happy birthday to your sweet baby boy.Fondly Michelle


  4. Happy January- let's hibernate! I am still working on my dad's Christmas scarf I started in August. I have lost the knitting mojo lately though I've been reading pretty much non-stop since Christmas so that seems to be this winter's activity. Happy Birthday, Robbie!!!!


  5. Happy January knitting, Heather! Yes, indeed this month should rededicated to making yourself something new and pretty. I love your colors so far. The Dala cakes for Robbie were so cute and colorful. Perfect for a first birthday! Having been raised in Virginia, Williamsburg has long been a favorite visiting trek for me. I think the most memorable one was right after Christmas when all of the decorations and pagentry is still in full force. What makes for a great vacation is to visit Jamestown nearby, then Williamsburg and finish up at Monticello and Michie Tavern in Charlottesville. It will fill you with inspiration and colonial history up to the Revolutionary War!! Enjoy your January hibernation


  6. Love the colours in your knitting project! I'm not a very good knitter, so every knit is selfish as I don't feel confident enough to gift what I create. I really must sit down and learn how to do more than just knit in a straight line!


  7. Hi dear Heather! Thank you so much for the wonderful christmas mail from you. Mail from you is very precious to me. And I was so lucky to even receive audrey ecclectic cards from you :)). What a wonderful cake the dala horse cake is. i just had a visit from Delila/acorngatherer which was so magical.


  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet, Robbie. There is something about boys and their moms, right. My little boy loves his daddy, but he is most definitely, a mama's boy.


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