Easter Missive and Pretty Little Things….

     So, it’s Lent. Snow is on the ground and it’s cold, but I’m hoping when we get through these next 40 days there will be warm temperatures and flowers blooming. We got things started off with a penitential Ash Wednesday service of craziness with the baby being crazy (limp wet noodle body as we go up to get ashes! Hey, lets try to fling this Holy water font off the wall! Now I will GROWL like a Lenten MONSTER during the quietest moment!!) Oh, tis the season, isn’t it!?!

   I’m hoping the other parishoners weren’t too annoyed with us. Children should be in church, right? A church with inappropriate noises is a living church, yes? hehehe….     

  But, yes, let’s think of flowers and the coming Easter Vigil and Easter Day and Pascha too for my Orthodox friends. I’ve had many requests for notecards and I am just starting to dip my folk art toe in the water of getting notecards made up, and I thought Easter/Pascha would be a great time to do it. This season of art is one of my favorites. Although I DO love Advent and Christmas there is something special and joyous about making it through Lent and the wonderful celebration that comes with it— as well as the world waking up to green and flowers once more.
   If you have someone special you’d like to send a sweet missive to this Lenten or Easter season, perhaps these are the cards for you? They’re professionally printed on matte card stock  and come in a set of 4— with two cards of each designs. The images on the card are my paintings “Preparing the Easter Basket” and “Home from Pascha.” You can see the sets I have available HERE— and the quantity is limited since this was just a small test run.

    In other, not Lenten related news, haha, it seems I’ve been collecting various little…drinking pots, this winter! The one above with my pretty creations by my friend Christine Crocker is supposed to be a hot chocolate pot. I saw it on etsy and oh, I fell in love. Plus, being the chocolate addict that I am, it seemed so appropriate for me to have. And I love all the hand painted detail. It will probably show up in a painting some day!

   I also found this beautiful blue and white with gold edges tea pot in the sale room at Anthropologie one day— when it was an additional 40% off. I could have never gotten it otherwise, but I feel so lucky to have snagged it. Right place at the right tea pot time, I guess 😉

   As well as drinking tea, reading about Nantucket (see the previous post!) and taking crazed children to solemn services, I’ve been hard at work on several commissions! I think my spring is pretty booked now, but I know that (as bizarre as it sounds just after Ashe Wednesday) it’ll be time to think of Christmas art in no time. So I will enjoy these different projects before its all snow and Christmas here again (which probably should start, er, now?)

   Well, thank you for coming to visit me here today. I hope you come again! So fun to chat!~

4 thoughts on “Easter Missive and Pretty Little Things….

  1. Love your collection of tea pots! They have lots of charm about them and perfect for tea and reflection. The notecards are perfect and I can't wait to send them out this year to family and friends. One thing for sure about the Lenten journey is that we always end up in Spring. It is a promise we can count on. Late Winter is no match for determined flowers and trees feeling the power of days that are longer and warmer !


  2. oh how lovely! I love tea pots!!! so fun! what beautiful cards!!! Lent and Pascha are so wonderful, I can understand why you are so drawn to them and to make them part of your art!


  3. Oh that brought back memories! I remember creating scenes in silent places with my daughter once upon a time! My father named her \”Little Fingers\” because she was capable of touching and grabbing things that were surely considered out of reach!! Hee hee hee!I am so happy to have just bought a set of cards!! Blessings and warmth Linnie Have a wonderful week Heather dear!! 🙂


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