St. Lucia goes UK

Funny thing around here— two days of unexpected snow has fallen! Perfect days to curl up with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a good magazine, and maybe some knitting too!
   I am still on my Nantucket kick, I just got this ‘new’ old book “At Home in Nantucket” in the mail (I love a good cheap used book!) and am working on a seaside colored hat for Robbie.

   Some exciting news around here is in one of these great magazines to cuddle up with– the British magazine Homes and Antiques. A print of my St. Lucia  (my 11×14″ size) appears above the mantle in the home feature of designer and artist Janice Issitt! Janice has the most gorgeous home that is like an English/Swedish Bohemian dream! I loved seeing the entire feature– and seeing my Lucia in the mix was just the cherry on top! Here in the states I found the magazine at Barnes & Noble. It’s a great magazine and I look forward to seeing some more issues!

  I’m loving the British home magazines lately. Such beautiful, rich and unique homes. The cover of the current UK Country Living also caught my eye— all that blue and white, be still my heart! Those are my COLORS! 😀 I am a bit of a cuddle up in a nest type girl, so these kind of cozy rooms are just lovely to me.

  Well, I have some more fun news to share a little later on this week, and I cant wait! If you’re home for a snow day, I hope you’re cuddled and warm, with no where to go and time to indulge. That’s what winter is for, yes?
Til next time,

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