Tea With Babushka

    This little piece was so much fun. The idea for it came from the idea of the relationship between a girl and her granny— or a little Russian or Ukrainian girl and her Babushka! My girl and my mama have a very tight bond. There’s nothing she likes better than a day spent with her ‘Ninny’ as she calls her, hehe, and so that was the inspiration behind this piece; a fun afternoon at Babushka’s house, feeling very fun and grown up as they have a nice tea together. On the left is the large Russian samovar for Russian tea, plus traditional Russian pastries with apples, jam and honey. Babushka lovingly serves the tea in her cottage kitchen, full of pretty dishes, an icon, and a vase of willow branches subtly announcing the approach of Easter. Out the window you can see that spring has come to the little settlement where the child and her babushka live.

   The ‘characters’ in this painting are the same grandmother and grand daughter that appear in my paintings Preparing the Easter Basket and The Easter Egg Tree. I guess these people are my ‘Easter people’ 😉 I love imagining them in their little houses, what they’re doing to prepare for the coming season and how their faith quietly takes part in the moments of their every day lives.

  I am pleased to report that this piece was listed and sold on etsy pretty quickly! But I fully intend to make prints. I hope you like it! It was a fun painting to create.

  Now, I am turning my attention to my commission work and coming up with ideas for new pieces. Thanks so much for coming by today!~ I’ll talk with you soon–

9 thoughts on “Tea With Babushka

  1. Heather, I really like your watercolor picture of Tasha's homestead and I can't wait to hear all about your trip there this Summer! Watercolors are a favorite medium of mine, although I don't paint. I like the sort of blurry, dreamy look they can give to paintings. Maybe you can do a print from this Tasha house or make some postcards for us?Love your Tea with Babushka too! The colors and details just fill it with that bright and colorful beauty of early Spring.


  2. Your springtime art is so stunning! I love your work in water colours, I am not very good with them so I am so very enthralled with those who are. The piece you have shared is just stunning! I love the tea with babushka piece (we always call my grandmother babushka, no clue why, we are not Russian) so it is extra sweet to me!


  3. This is a wonderful piece and I love the continuity of the same characters as in your original Preparing the Easter Bread. The bright colors and homey details are beautiful. Are you planning to make prints of both the Egg tree and the new Tea one? The three would make such a pretty spring set of postcards as well. I am glad this new painting has a home. No doubt it is going to delight a family very soon !!


  4. I am not surprised it sold so fast, I just love it. The colours are stunning and it is so sweet and heartwarming. I can't wait until you make prints, I think this would make a perfect gift for my little Babushka 😉


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