Late Summer Garden

    The garden is getting leggy and full as we round the corner into fall. It’s been very hot– near 100 degrees. Cooler temperatures should be here by the evening though, and I’m looking forward to this reprieve. I’m sure the garden is too!

   Flowers doing well in this heat are the zenias, marigolds and birdhouse gourds. I planted gourd seeds from an old gourd I had (you can see it sitting on the window ledge of the old shed) and they’ve gone crazy! We’ve got little baby gourds sprouting all over the vines— which are taking over the rock patio. And we’ve found a few extra big gourds that I cant wait to harvest!

  The Marian garden is very big and bushy! You can just see the top of Our Lady’s head over the marigolds, rosemary and basil. She stands and smiles as butterflies and bees flit by, and at one point this summer a big mama garden spider set up her web right in front of her. Spider Adoration, perhaps? 😉

  Soon it will be time to collect seeds to put away for next summer. Another growing season winding down….and another one to dream about!~

Have a good week….

6 thoughts on “Late Summer Garden

  1. Your Zinnias are just gorgeous! They seem to tolerate the Summer heat very well too. My sister in Virginia told me her Zinnias are big and beautiful this year as well. The colors are make me happy.


  2. I have to comment on zenias. I live in Connecticut, and work with a woman from North Carolina. She is a true gardener, and has mentioned zenias over the years. What I mean is \”zinnias\”. Up here we pronouce them ZINN-ee-yahs. She pronounces them \”ZEEN-yahs\”. I always thought she was mis-pronouncing them; or it was just the Southern way. Lately, however, I am seeing that other parts of the country not only pronounce them differently, they also spell them that way! 😀 The laugh is on me, and I thought poor Pat was saying it wrong all these years! (you'd think we were in foreign countries, for Pete's sake!) 😉


  3. Can I ask where you got that statue of Mary? I believe I had one like that 15 years ago that I bought in Mexico. It came with a clay crown for her head and two angels for her feet. She unfortunately broke but she was always my favorite.


  4. Hi there!~ I actually got the statue at an estate sale, so Im not sure where she came from originally. She's made of terra cotta. This one has broken pieces too.


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