Yarn ‘n Kittens….

     Last month was a busy month of meeting deadlines and finishing up big projects, and although Christmas painting time is upon me now, I’ve been taking a little bit of a break and indulging myself— mainly in yarn and kittens!
   The little ones are so sweet and playful these days! They are about 6 weeks old now and a rambunctious bunch! They live in the art studio, but we’ve been bringing them out to the stoop to play in the backyard so they can have some fun in the plants. Each one has its own personality….they are so fun to watch play. The kids are loving them too although we have to remind Robbie “be gentle!”

   I’ve also been grabbing some moments to spin and now that I’m getting a handle on “Gretel” (spinning with her is a bit of a gallop!) I am really enjoying it. A few evenings I’ve been able to sneak away once everyone has gone to bed and spin in the living room. I’ve found that I need to spin with a rug underfoot or the whole operation will scoot away.
   I’ve spun up some nice white and blue wool from Shepherd’s Cross because you know….white and blue are my favorite. I also bought some silk roving and raw roving in a natural brown color. I spun them together and made a luscious brown and cream colored yarn (seen in the middle of the photo of three skeins)
   Speaking of those other skeins….a shop downtown has started carrying yarn and I’m so excited! They are carrying handspun yarns from my friend Jane Deason and I hope they start carrying roving too, then I’ll just have to walk a few blocks to feed my spinning habit!

   Speaking of feeding spinning habits….Tomorrow we will venture over to Claremore to enjoy a lovely day visiting Shepherd’s Cross and restocking my roving (and looking at sheepies!) and also going to the Blue Grass Festival to hear some good music! Can’t wait to have a nice day out with all my sweethearts.

   Wishing you an equally lovely weekend!~ May it be filled with things you love!~

11 thoughts on “Yarn ‘n Kittens….

  1. Ohhh, the beautiful yarns you are spinning. Gorgeous, Gorgeous!! And those kitties? They are all just adorable. I guess they will be leaving soon for adoption? Being raised with a family will make them very social and easy to adopt. Families are going to love getting one of these well loved and cared for kittens.Your new Fall Header is so pretty. I love the colors and feel that it gives the page!! Enjoy your wool searches and weekend out with family.


  2. Can't see how you'll ever be able to part with those kitties – they're entirely too precious. Congrats on the spinning process; lovely output. The new Fall look is perfect for the blog! Did a double-take on the Bluegrass Festival, as I know you're not in Kentucky… enjoy! {smile}


  3. I love those kittens! So cute!! I asked at the wool shop where Alice is taking her knitting lessons about spinning lessons. She told me they have them occasionally, but a drop spindle class will be starting this autumn, so I might sign up for it. I do want to give the actual spinning wheel a go though!!


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