New Painting: Forest Lucia

     For several weeks I had this little painting tucked up on my painting table— “Forest Lucia”, bringing wheat to the winter birds from her cozy little red “stuga” on a Christmas morning. It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to create a St. Lucia scene each Christmas, and I’m very pleased with the Lucia of this year!~

   I added many of my personal loves in this piece— the fair isle style mittens, the cardinals, the little house tucked into the snow. This Lucia doesnt have candles in her wreath because, I guess I’m just a mom first before an artist— I kept thinking “what a fire hazard to go out in the forest with your head on fire!” So, she’s candleless 😉

   I just posted some fresh made prints of this piece in my etsy shop, and I’m really happy with how crisp and lovely they turned out. If you have a soft spot in your heart for Swedish Christmas, you may just love them too!

  And so….I feel like as we round the corner towards Advent that the holiday season is well and truly upon us. It’s exciting but also a bit overwhelming— everything seems to want to happen at once. I have to fight to keep on top of things, and sometimes I fail. Sometimes I have to say ‘no’ to things I want to do, or feel like I should do, just because….well, there just arent enough hours in the day.

  I’ve been trying to keep on top of my art endeavors, but then life throws curve balls— like Robbie burning his poor little hands yesterday and a rushed trip to the emergency room. He is fine— poor buddy– and the whole ordeal served to remind me what really matters this holiday season. No one is going to care how clean the windows are or if I’ve cleaned the sink. It’s these little ones I need to put at the center of these days.

  Anyhow— wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and many blessings as we head towards Advent!~

2 thoughts on “New Painting: Forest Lucia

  1. Such a beautiful new St. Lucia!! She is beautiful and I love all of the little details about this scene. Poor Robbie!! Oh my, what a scare and I am glad that you can report he is doing really well!


  2. Absolutely beautiful, Heather. She is a very sweet St. Lucia! I've always been concerned about that sweet girl walking around with lit candles on her head, too! It MUST be the mom in us! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving.


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