Walnut & Indigo

     The colors of late November are lovely; deep and muted, the autumn blazes have faded and now things are mellowing with warmth as the north wind picks up and the trees become bare once more. That deep, moody brown becomes the central color of this part of the autumn— before the evergreens and reds of Christmas take over.
    Lately Natasha has been simmering some black walnut hulls in our studio— and that very scary looking bubbling brew has turned some of her beautiful yarn and fabrics this gorgeous nut-brown hue, which seems the perfect color for November.
   We also got into the indigo we’ve been hording for months and months now….stirring it up in the backyard and then dipping almost everything we could get our hands on this gorgeous deep blue!

  I’ve been putting back different skeins of yarn from Shepherd’s Cross that I could dye, and I also dyed some cotton muslin with the plan to make Robbie a baby quilt for his birthday. My vision is to make a simple star quilt with the indigo blue and the muslin. I’m so excited to get started on it!

   The kitties have been out on the rock patio too, playing in the fading garden and sunning themselves on the warmed rocks. The only kitten we have left in need of a home is Cinder, the black kitten. She is so sweet— and her soft jet fur is like velvet. And her eyes— all the kitties have inherited their mama’s autumn gold eyes. They are the sweetest!

  And so— as the last of the dyed fibers dry on the line today, I’m thinking about Christmas gifts and quilt making. I also need to get going on ornaments, but probably wont take on any big painting projects until Christmas is over. I want to spend December enjoying the season and making things for my family and friends.

  I see lots of knitting and sewing in my near future— as Tasha and I settle in at the Prairie House with all our newly dyed things. And hopefully….my hands wont be blue any more by Christmas, haha!~

Thanksgiving Blessings,

3 thoughts on “Walnut & Indigo

  1. Ohh, I am loving those newly dyed yarns!! Gorgeous!!! I think a sweater vest using both blue and gold yarns would be lovely for this late autumn season. It is this deepening of fall that is some of the most beautiful moments of the season. Now is the time to bake pumpkin pies, and enjoy hot chocolate or coffee bundled up on the porch in the early morning chill. Plus, I have learned that knitting with fingerless gloves in the cold works perfect!


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