A Little Boy Quilt

   This weekend our baby turned two. TWO! He’s officially a toddler, well on his way to ‘kid.’ He’s been pretty much being ‘two’ for weeks now, but now that his birthday has come, it’s totally official 😉

   Before Christmas I decided that I wanted to make Robbie a quilt for his birthday. There’s only so many birthdays in a boy’s life where a quilt is an acceptable gift, and I was going to take advantage! Using advice from my studio-mate Natasha, and advice from ye olde pinterest, I decided to make a very simple star design quilt, using some of the indigo dyed fabric we made this fall and some beautiful red linen I’ve been hoarding for years.

  While making this quilt, I think I made every mistake you can possibly make while quilting. Things sewn wrong, stitches crazy, fabric ripping, you name it…I messed it up 😉

  But– it’s done! And it stayed together in the wash! And it fits one little boy and his dog, and can be placed on the floor for cozy playing, warmth on cold January days in the car seat or stroller, a snuggle on the couch, or heck— thrown at your sister. What more does a little boy need?

   I am already thinking about other quilt projects, just for fun. I LOVE quilts. And while I dont seem to have natural talent for making them, we’ll just call it ‘folk art quilting’ and enjoy the process and the look of them. And when all else fails…I’ll just keep putting quilts in my paintings!

   All I know is, the kid and the animals are enjoying it, and so I’ll count it as a success!~

9 thoughts on “A Little Boy Quilt

  1. All first projects have \”character\” and experience follows!I love this quilt,it is so wonderfully folky~lovely and sweet!! 🙂 WOW! TWO??? Cutie pie is TWO ??!! Happy Birthday to Robbie!! :-DWarm Blessings and love Linnie


  2. Happy Birthday Wishes to sweet Robbie!!! Your quilt project turned out perfect for a little boy and his fun!! I made a few quilts when my girls were real little and it was a learning process but fun. I think the star pattern is always a winner no matter how detailed you make it.


  3. Well done, Heather! I love the colors and the star design. I made my first quilt, too, this past Fall but it's only different fabric squares, no design. I had been buying vintage fabric remnants for years and thought maybe I should use it. Mine is nowhere near perfect! I have real respect for these people who make the intricate pieced designs and everything lines up!


  4. Your quilt looks lovely, Heather, and the fact that it's not \”perfect\” is just as well because it won't bother you so much when it gets to looking ragged after a few years. I commend you on your ability to even MAKE a quilt with a not-yet-two-year-old!


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