In The Garden: January

       The garden in January is sleeping. The spring’s bulbs have been planting and last year’s flowers are brown and brittle, gone to seed. A few things keep a green tinge; the roses still have leaves, but they’re darker. 
    The other day it was fairly warm, so Robbie and I went out and played with the kittens and gathered some seeds from some of last year’s plants. Our kitten Teddy is becoming a very handsome young man! We’ve kept him and his sister Snowflake from the litter of kittens we fostered— and their mama too. All the other kittens have officially been adopted through the local animal fostering group, and we are so glad! We had eight cats all together….they were everywhere!

    The seeds I gathered were from dried zenia blooms, hollyhock, cock’s comb, sage and basil. I just put them in ziplock bags that weren’t sealed— in case there’s any moisture still in them, I dont want the seeds to mold. I’ll let them finish drying out and then close the up to sow in the spring.
   We had the seeds in a basket, and you know how cats are…Teddy had to get right up in the middle of it! Cats always seem to know just what to get into….as do two year old boys!

   We planted Paper Whites in an old pot, and the bulbs were already sprouting in the bag! Paper Whites are fun because they’ll start growing as soon as they get a little care— they dont need a dormant period of cold like other bulbs do. I’m hoping these little guys will be ready to bloom by Easter, which is coming early this year.

  And so, this is what we’re doing in the garden in January. It’s quiet, but still some things going on. Some life still there, although its a little sleepy. Everything needs a little rest~

4 thoughts on “In The Garden: January

  1. Your kitty Teddy is quite the beauty! He reminds me of our childhood cat who looked very similar that we named Brooks. He was born at the local Meadowbrook bakery and so we thought he ought to have that proper name. Hope your Paperwhites provide you with blooms for our early Easter too.


  2. Yes it is quiet, the plants are just waiting their time to come back with all their beauty :0) what a delight that you were able to enjoy the sunshine … :0) mari


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