Around the Studio…

   Yesterday was so nice. I got to go into my quiet studio, sit down with my paints, listen to some OnBeing, and get a lot of work done in one sitting. I’m so happy with how the clean out and rearranging went– we put up some curtains that used to hang in our bedroom, I mopped up the floors, dusted things off and set up a nice workspace for myself where I can paint and also email and do what I need to on the computer. It looks nice and neat for now…we’ll see how long I can keep that up 😉

   This fresh start is good as I embark on new plans. One of the most exciting things on the horizon is a new book project, this one that I will be both writer and illustrator for!  I signed on with the publisher a few days ago, and I think its going to be a great fit. There’s lots of work ahead, but I’m so excited about it!  

  Like all of these types of projects, its going to be a long term thing and the finished product is many months on down the line. But I am really looking forward to each and every step of the process and am ready to start this new journey!

  Of course I will still be doing stand alone paintings and doing prints and cards. One change, however, is that I think my ability to do commissioned works, at least for now, is very small. It’s difficult to keep up with when I have a toddler underfoot. We will see how things go, and how much time I get to devote to art as these months go by.

   But anyhow….the studio is set up! The paints and brushes are ready! And I am more than ready! 2016 is getting off to a busy, amazing start!~

18 thoughts on “Around the Studio…

  1. super exciting! can't wait to hear about it! Makes sense that you need to balance your life as Mother and as Artist by scaling down in another area of your art….. God bless this beautiful start!


  2. How exciting Heather! :0) your studio is lovely…all that natural light – just perfect to become inspired as you create :0) Thank you so much for visiting the cottage today. much love to you and yours, mari


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