Well, hello there! So nice of you to stop by!

   It’s been a crazy few days….weeks? Months? Im sitting here, writing to you from my sunny quiet studio and finally taking a moment to breathe. 

  There has been a lot going on. And there are a lot of projects in the works that make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy, but there are also children and animals under foot and sometimes I feel a little crazy. It’s always a little of both at once, isn’t it?

  Even though I’d rather be sleeping, I’ve enjoyed some nice still moments in the morning before the circus of the day begins (and that’s sometimes within two minutes of noticing a ‘nice still moment’ and then missing it when it’s long gone!)

  In those moments, however, I’m happy to have a little curly headed snuggler beside me, the light coming in, and plans stirring. This year, 2016, is going to go on a little different course than past years. I feel like I’m finding myself on the path to being an illustrator, and writer, which is thrilling and fabulous because that’s been my dream forever. Some unique opportunities have come my way and I am so excited to dive into them. I’ll be able to share more and things become more concrete, but just know if I seem quiet….I’m still busy! Scheming and painting and exploring new things.

  Another change in my painting life has been a good, cathartic revamp of my workspace here in the studio. I’ve reclaimed it from kittens and declared it a ‘mom sanctuary.‘ Yes, we’re going to light candles! We’re going to leave pencils and pens out in the open near the edges of tables! Paint will be allowed out! It’s gonna get craaaazy! 😉 It’s gonna get fun and inspiring too.

  And I cant wait to share it with you 😀 which I will soon!~!

4 thoughts on “Hello~

  1. Good for you , Heather on claiming back you studio!! It will help you be more productive when time allows and a place where you can study and research for the upcoming year of projects. I am excited that new opportunities , that you have been wanting ,are filling the plans for 2016! It IS GOING to be an exciting year and I can't wait to follow along here!!


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