A Berkshire Botanical Garden Ramble…

   Here we are, in the heart of cold ‘mid-winter.’ It’s that time of year when I start looking at books and magazines about gardening, and dreaming audacious dreams about the coming year’s planting plans. At the moment, it’s hard to look outside at all the brown and gray and feel inspired, but I know there are dozens of bulbs tucked just beneath the surface, and buds forming on the peach tree. Spring is making it’s plans.

   Until it arrives though, I thought I’d share some photos of lush, gorgeousness as a feast for winter weary eyes! Last summer we visited Stockbridge, Mass. on our epic tour of New England. One of the highlights of that day was a visit to The Berkshire Botanical Garden. It was the loveliest, loveliest place. And looking at the photos now…..my heart does a little pitter-pat. Come see….

   A table set for a ‘pick your own salad’ meal. It was so neat! And so pretty! The gardens were just a wonderland of beautiful greens of all shades, and textures too. Just look at that amazing weeping pine in the back ground! 

   We arrived at the garden late in the day and it was a little overcast and drizzly, which meant our party had the entire garden to ourselves! Despite it being late June it was a little chilly, just how I like it. The garden seemed to just unfold to drink up the soft rain and it was perhaps the perfect way to see the garden.

    One of the highlights of the garden is the section set up just for children, and the beautiful, homespun kitchen gardens. I came away from these parts of the garden so inspired about my own planting, especially all the rustic trellises and fencing. It had such a simple, old fashioned feel. I loved it!~

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour around The Berkshire Botanical Garden. If you find yourself in Stockbridge, I highly suggest a visit. What a wonderful place to ramble and surround yourself in beauty……

5 thoughts on “A Berkshire Botanical Garden Ramble…

  1. What a wonderful place, Heather! I will have to bookmark it for when we go up that way again. We've been to Stockbridge so I don't know how I've missed this. I'm enjoying our snow-covered views out my window, but I must say your photos fill a much-needed does of color.


  2. Such a restful and verdant garden! I love the rock pathways and split rail fences. We too are having a chilly day today so this tour was a perfect inspiration for Spring. Love those purple Iris!!


  3. Gorgeous! My dads family is from the Berkshires and I try to get up there a few times each year. I haven't really done much in Stockbridge so I'll have to be sure to stop my next time up there.


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