Spring in the Shop!

“Emma Woodhouse”

     Sorry for my absence around here….Winter is leaving our house with a tremendous winter cold that has knocked us all off our feet and Mama, of course, gets the grand finale! I’ve been spending some time curled up with gardening books while I try to take it easy– and am thrilled to see little signs of spring popping up every day! 

  So it seemed only right to showcase my more ‘spring themed’ pieces that are now available in my etsy shop— as prints, postcards or both! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Home From Pascha

The Easter Egg Tree

Madonna of the Blossoms

The Annunciation

Preparing the Easter Egg Basket

2 thoughts on “Spring in the Shop!

  1. I love all of the bright colors of these prints. My favorite continues to be \”Making the Easter Bread\”. I have the painting in our living room where I can see it everyday and enjoy!Get Well Soon!!


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