The Rugs Are Here!!!

   Last week there was a special delivery at my doorstep— a selection of rugs that made me so thrilled that I had to open up the packaging right then and there— this had been such a long time coming!

   These rugs are very special to me. Because— I created the art for them! The whole project began last spring when I was approached by Mark Ford from American Dakota, a small family owned, American made rug company.
   He asked me to create a couple of rustic folk art inspired rug designs and thus “Cabin in the Pines” and “Black Bear Creek” were born!

   These rugs are now appearing in the 2016 catalog for American Dakota and are available to sell retail.
   I am ALSO able to sell the rugs, and have a rug page here on the blog where you can see sizing and prices.

   I am so happy to see this project come to be— from my painting table to a loom to decorating my home. It’s been such fun and I’m proud to have been able to work with such a great company. If you choose to purchase one of these rugs, not only are you supporting my art and my little family, but another American business and family. That is really important to me as an artist sending my art out to be manufactured, and also as a consumer supporting businesses at home.

   These are the designs currently available:

“Black Bear Creek”

“Cabin in the Pines”

   If you see one (or both!) that you’d like to bring into your own home, let me know! I can have the rug of your choice shipped directly to your door! Please see the RUG PAGE for more information, and let me know if you have any questions!~

   Thanks for stopping in today!~

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