Small Things With Great Love

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

— Mother Teresa

  Sometimes in the morning I go out into the garden, just to look things over. See what seeds have sprouted up. What flowers have waned. Where there is a bare spot that needs something, or where something has grown completely out of hand and needs to be pruned back. 
   They say in gardening, the best way to do it is the old fashioned way….take a little time, do it by hand. Water everything yourself so you can take a moment to look at each plant and see it— see what it needs or if it’s just doing it’s thing.
   The garden will change all year and there will be frustrations and thrills. I love that constant change, but also the familiar rhythm of the garden. As some things fade, other things bloom. It’s alive and growing and it makes me happy to tend it.
   In the scheme of things in the wider world, this garden really doesn’t mean much. I enjoy it, the animals enjoy it…I hope that when people walk or drive by that they enjoy it. But it’s not promoting world peace or doing much more than bringing beauty to the surroundings and keeping us occupied. But then again, maybe that’s important in itself?

  “Do small things with great love” Mother Teresa has said. You never know when some small, good hearted thing will become something very large and important. She’s a great example of that.

   This quote has been going through my mind a lot lately as I contemplate the changes that will come our way in the months ahead— especially as I take on a larger portion of my oldest’s education and I focus more on my little book. I am forcing myself to slow down and realize that that is ok– I dont have to do it all right now. And it’s a worthwhile thing to collect larkspur seeds for future gardens, to get only as many chores done that get done, to stop and play instead of work work work. Because the work is never done.

   Things may get a little quieter, but no less important. I’ve been reading some wonderful books lately and I’d love to share them with you! I will get art done too, and I’ll share that as well. But I’ll be doing plenty of little things as well. And with great love.

5 thoughts on “Small Things With Great Love

  1. I am reminded that little things add up to big things when you are not paying attention. Suddenly, you find out that all of those little actions were taking root to something bigger and special. I also find that little things bring me satisfaction and joy because they can be completed without feeling overwhelmed. Maybe we were meant to be doers of little things each day so that love can be a part of the process?


  2. Yes, I find that a lot of the pressure to do 'big things' is pressure that i put on myself. I have to remind myself that the small things are just as important, and add up to be very big indeed!


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