Valentine’s Day Update!

  Hello there, and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
I wanted to pop by and let you know that I’ve listed lots of new goodies in my etsy shop in anticipation of St. Valentine’s Day.
  I am also really excited to share with you my first knitting pattern, for a little hat I’ve called “The Cranford Bonnet”– inspired by old fashioned baby bonnets in sweet old photos and paintings.

  Please visit my etsy shop to see all the items for sale!~

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Update!

  1. I love the way that little folk art heart came out. What I wound up doing was taking that idea and making a small string of them. I would put the kids names on each heart, then string them all together so I could use it like garland around the Christmas tree. They look great year after year on the tree. Lindsey @ Nosto


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