A Curious, Homespun Year

   I have always had a deep love for ‘old timey things.’ My grandma used to tell me I was born 100 years too late. I was always your go-to gal if you wanted to look through old photos. I played with many a faceless Amish doll in my mom’s country decor collection, although my heart really belonged to Kirsten and Felicity.

  I dont know if it was my finally getting pretty comfortable around my knitting needles, or my finding a spinning wheel and working on my first quilt or what, but these days I find myself more and more drawn to homespun arts, the history behind them, the way they’re made, and retaining that old fashioned knowledge people in yesteryear just had.
  Im not excited about a world of complete automation, or cheap goods made in faraway places with sketchy origins, or not knowing how to function in the world without a phone or electricity. I also think that handmade things, including their imperfections or simplicity are just nicer. They feel better to touch, are more pleasing to the eye. And when someone gives you something they’ve made, you know that time and energy was spent on this gift.

  Not that I havent enjoyed my share of clicking on Amazon and getting something in two days with prime shipping. Lord knows, I do it. But I’m looking for opportunities in life and the objects of my home, to be a little more….homespun.

  So that is my goal for 2017. Make stuff. And not even shoot for being an expert in anything— just proficient. Good enough. Well rounded. Curious. But make, and get to know others who make. To make use of vintage items, to reuse and repurpose. To highly prize things made by people for an honest wage. To learn from our grandparents. Be open and kind. Curiosity. I keep going back to that.

   In 2017 I am curious, and I am making new things. Please join me here, for these little adventures. And thank you, as always, for being so sweet— buying my art—- giving me your time. I appreciate it so much!~

3 thoughts on “A Curious, Homespun Year

  1. Dear friend Heather….you speak to my heart! ♡ I loved my grandma so much, because she had the old ways. She made do with what she had, and her skills were quite impressive to turn out lovely handmade things. We must never let that go. Bless you for loving the old ways and passing on to others! ~♡~


  2. Heather, you speak the words of my own passions and interests! My husband is always telling me I was born about 150 years to late. But, there is something so very rewarding and interesting in learning and creating heritage crafts. Like you say, those items feel different in your hands and satisfy the way Amazon.com cannot. I look forward to your explorations this year and learning from you. Such a generous invitation to us all!!


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