{Crafting On} Lenten Shawl and Out Loud Reading

  In a decided effort to get better about blogging, I’ve decided to join Frontier Dreams with her Keep Calm and Craft On series, and show a little bit about the projects and good books we’ve been doing here at our house. This past school year has been a huge change for us, and we are finally finding our footing— having changed from Public School to a homeschool/co-op situation. Also, my ‘baby’ is now a toddler’ and while he can still act a little crazy, (a lot crazy) I am able to get a little more done that I was in the past.

   My latest knitting project is a Lenten Knit-Along with Willfulmina on Instagram. The project is one I started a little before Lent began, and is a sort of ‘wing it’ project, hahaha (aren’t they all, when it comes to me?) Im using a skein of yarn that I dyed with madder root, and have faded in a nice skein of natural oatmeal colored yarn from my friend Lavonne. Once I’ve used up that skein I’m wanting to add a dark blue section and try (try) to do a picot bind-off. I’ve got less than a month until Easter….wish me luck! 😉

   A book we just finished as a read-aloud is this ADORABLE little book “The Mouse of Amherst” about a mouse that lives in Emily Dickinson’s home and learns to write poetry. Inside it has simple ink illustrations and is less than 100 pages long. We read the whole thing in 2 sittings, and its a great book for a child trying to ease into chapter books.
   At the end there’s a biography of Emily Dickinson and I was surprised how enthralled Audrey was with it all (she’s not as much into the old timey stuff as I am ‘that’s not my style’ she tells me, her Tasha Tudor mama). She wants to visit the Dickinson home on our summer trip out east and hey, Im just thrilled she’s excited about doing it!

  And so, that’s what we’re up to right now— although I always have about 15 other projects Im wanting to do. Another is make a Dottie Angel apron I bought the pattern for, and also to start a simple quilt with the fabric I dyed with the madder root a while back. And of course, knit another shawl! It’s always something!

Hope you get a little crafty time today! And you can follow along with the Keep Calm and Craft On blogs here at Frontier Dreams.

Til next time,

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