Out Now! Snow on Martinmas (and a giveaway!)

   Once upon a time I wrote a story about a beloved saint and the traditions that grew from his feast day. Martin of Tours was a Roman soldier, who had a chance encounter with a beggar that led him to rethink his life and faith, and ultimately become a monk….then a bishop….and finally, a saint!
  I spent a lot of time last year illustrating that story and now— believe it or not— it is PUBLISHED and it’s A REAL BOOK! And I am SO excited to finally get to share Snow on Martinmas with YOU!

  The story opens in a snug English cottage where a grandma is making a dinner for Martinmas with her children. Since the holiday is a bit old and not as well known as many other feast days, the children don’t know why the day is special. The Grandma tells the children all about the saint and all the things she did as a child on St. Martin’s day, inspiring the children to celebrate in their own ways— by doing things like making lanterns or playing soldier.
     I worked really hard on this for several months, but its still taken me a bit by surprise that its really here, all done, and ready to share! But I am so very excited to share this little book with you, and I hope you love it too.

  In honor of this big day, I am also giving away a FREE COPY of this book to one lucky winner! Just comment below to enter to win. If you’d like to increase your odds, share on social media and leave another comment telling me where you’ve shared! I will announce the winner on Saturday.

  And most of all, I hope that you love this book, I am proud of it and am so honored to have been given the chance to put it out into the world with Xist Publishing.

  Thanks so much— and dont forget to comment!
Talk again soon–

42 thoughts on “Out Now! Snow on Martinmas (and a giveaway!)

  1. I love your artwork and your blog! And I can't wait to read this, it sounds amazing! I have 5 kids so I look forward to sharing it with them. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. ❤️ I'm going to share the post on Instagram!


  2. When I lived in Germany as a child, the patron saint of our village was St. Martin. Every year for his feast day there was a carnival and an after dark parade with lanterns and sweet pretzels. I'd love to win this book! (Although, truth be told, I'll be purchasing it if I don't win it!)


  3. Hi Heather, I would love to win your book and add it to my collection of Christian children's literature. Thanks for the chance and congratulations again on its publication. Sincerely, Dana


  4. I love the story of Martinmas and your book looks like a treasure that even a big girl, like me, will enjoy! The illustrations are beautiful and I would love a chance to win a copy. Congratulations on your publication!!


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