{Crafting On} Quilt, Yarn and my very own Book!

 Hi there! So today I’m going to share with you a few finished projects (finished! hurray! ha!) for Crafting On with Frontier Dreams. The first being this little doll quilt for my Felicity doll, that is now my daughter’s Felicity doll. Audrey turned 10 this month and so I decided it was time to pass down one of my childhood American Girl dolls to her.
   I ordered her one dress from this great etsy shop that sources tons of good quality and vintage American Girl Doll items, and also challenged myself to make a dress for the doll and a quilt and mattress and pillow set for a little bed we found at the antique mall. The mattress and pillow are made from simple red and white ticking, and the quilt is made up of triangles of heritage pattern fabrics (some of which came from our visit to Old Sturbridge Village, and others from a little quilt shop we have here in town).
   The quilting isnt the best, I admit— I was on a time crunch, trying to get it all finished by the 10th. The backing of the quilt is the same red ticking of the mattress. At any rate, Felicity looks quite happy in her new set up and she’s got her own spot in Audrey’s room! These little projects make my heart fill all warm and fuzzy. I love being able to share this with Audrey, and am trying hard to be chill and not scare her off with my enthusiasm, haha!

  On the fiber front, this is the latest yarn off my wheel— a fun color combo that reminds me of Mardi Gras! I got the roving at Fleece ‘N Flax in Eureka Springs, AR. when I was there for the Eureka Fiber In The Ozarks retreat. I think it would make a great fluffy cowl. And I have plenty of time between now and next Mardi Gras to knit it up, dontcha think? 😉

  As for a book to share— well, you know— I cant resist! I want to show you MY BOOK! That is so amazing to say. My book. I have a book!
   I tell a little more about it and also have a giveaway in yesterday’s post— so please pop over there and see more and enter to win a FREE COPY!

   Writing and illustrating my own book has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I mean, prespelling kind of dream. I was writing gibberish books at a very young age. The first biography I wrote was my grandma’s biography when she turned 50, lol, hopefully my spelling has improved since then.

  Having completed this process has me dreaming up new stories, but I think I will approach writing and illustrating differently in the future, especially since the way we do life has changed since I wrote and illustrated this book. First and foremost, I am mama here at home, and I am also mama the teacher as we continue our homeschool adventure. In all honesty its been hard for me to learn to balance what I want to do with what I need to do to make sure school and home life work best. I am having to take a deep breath and realize— I cant do it all and to take it slow is ok. I dont want to be sorry in 10, 20 years that I was too distracted and stressed to truly enjoy my kids little years. Because although sometimes it feels like things will never calm down and be easy, I know one day, it will. One day my kids will be too big to want to cuddle with me, or read a book together, or need me to help them with a question in their school work. That is my life now, and it’s ok (“it’s ok! this is where you are!” that’s what I tell myself.)

  But I still have things I want to make and projects to dream of. But now I know its ok if this all happens at a snail’s pace.We will get there, eventually!~

What are you working on this week?

3 thoughts on “{Crafting On} Quilt, Yarn and my very own Book!

  1. You're doing it!! And already so wise to know how important it is to take. your. time!!! Totally jealous about your FINISHED projects. I'm currently mired in a never-ending shawl!! 😉 (…and a pwsky twin size quilt!!) LOVE your fabrics on Miss Felicity's warm-and-cozy!! Keep at it, mama!!! ❤


  2. Ohh this reminds me of the year my girl was 10 and we got the Kirsten doll. We make clothes and I knitted some striped socks for her during Christmas vacation. It still brings a smile to me when I recall all the fun we had and the opportunity to relive my own childhood with a special doll. Your bed accessories for Felicity turned out so cute with that red/white ticking!!


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