{Crafting On} April Showers, and Always Knitting

   It’s spring in Oklahoma. Everything is so lush and green you could almost talk yourself into thinking you were in some lovely English landscape. And then the violent thunderstorms come, and the tornado warnings, and things start to feel a little less like “Larkrise to Candleford” but ah, well! As any good Okie should, I do love a good thunderstorm!

 Right now, Im looking out my dining room windows at the most interesting light. The half sunny day/half foreboding Bronte sky sort of light. The steeples on the churches outside are stark, lovely white against the dark sky. I love it. This might be the essence of prairie life.

    I am also happy to see things greening up. It was an ugly, bare gray and brown winter here. We really had no snow to speak of. No winter wonderland. Just dry and dark. I wish we’d had some snow— I know the plants need it, and the bugs will be awful come July. But at this point, Im glad to see the green come. The garden is waking up, and the spring rains are romancing the little leaves and buds to open. April in Oklahoma is a gorgeous time. If only it could always be April or October!

   Right now I am working on a couple of knitting projects. I finished my shawl for myself and have worn it out and about a few times, I’m very happy with it! Right now I’m trying to start on a wrap for a friend and keep starting over. It just always seems not quite right. I’ve switched from circular needs to plain old straight ones. Here’s hoping this time around will work out! I’ll just keep toting it around in my little works-in-progress bag, with my little bag of knitting odds and ends that make me laugh— I also got it at Fleece n Flax in Eureka Springs!

 Ah, and as for reading….I just picked up these two books at the library. After much heavy reading, I wanted something light and happy. My friend Patricia recommended books by “Miss Read” as what I was looking for when I asked about ‘a book that takes place in a nice english village and everything works out in the end!” I got the Christmas one because that’s all my library had, I’ll have to order in more from the other branches. But you know me….I do love Christmas! I picked up the other book because it had a pretty house, a nice garden, and should be an old timey mystery. Lol, that’s all Im going on right now!

And so….that’s what happening around here! THanks so much for everyone who entered my book giveaway! I appreciate it so much! How strange and lovely to have my very own book out in the world! If you get a copy, I hope you love it!~!~!
til next time,

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3 thoughts on “{Crafting On} April Showers, and Always Knitting

  1. I love storms -real ones not the constant rain we are having for days right now- too. My sister and Brother in law lived for a while in upstate NY on a college campus (for her work) and they had a tornado watch, everyone there, having never seen a watch much less a tornado before freaked out. Finally, someone asked them, being from Wisconsin, what people back home did. My brother in law, who in telling the story assured me that the weather was no more than a mild rain storm, told him that mostly people just go outside to enjoy the storm and take pictures. Those books sound right up my alley, I love it when everything turns out alright in the end and especially British mysteries.


  2. Hi Julia! THanks for stopping by! Yes, I do love a good storm…and get a little jealous if they pass us by! I hope you enjoy the books too, they're nice calm reading, which is always nice!


  3. I love a good storm also, but I'm not a fan of high wind. Too many tornados! As for starting over – I know exactly what you mean. I've started over on my current sock project so many times!


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