{Dye Project} Pascha Red Yarn

 As promised! Here’s a peek at the yarn that I dyed with the Greek Easter Egg dye! The color that came out is pretty amazing! A really deep, brilliant, striking red. Even prettier than the eggs, if you can believe it!

Im not sure how color fast it is. But I rinsed (and rinsed, and rinsed….then rinsed again) the yarn and the color kept its richness. The color also kept coming out into the water…..so Im not sure if it is something that will always bleed :O I rinsed this stuff for more than a day! But its good enough to play around with at any rate!

I also ordered some more natural dyes to play around with in the coming weeks and will work on getting some fresh dyes and handspuns in my shop! So, stay tuned for more pretty dye projects! And now, to decide what to do with this luscious ‘Pascha Red’ yarn….. Im thinking maybe an infinity scarf? Or do you know of a project that begging for 2 skeins of ravishing red? Do tell!~

One thought on “{Dye Project} Pascha Red Yarn

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that yarn turned out beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous and rich in color. Maybe another shawl would be nice as it would not require washing often and could be easily washed alone if needed. It would ideal for a cool New England eve when it might be cool and rainy this summer? With some navy and white, it would be a fantastic Americana shawl.


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