{Crafting On} Lenten Shawl

  Hello and good morning! This is going to be a bit of a quick post because this is a busy day in a busy week! Not only is it Holy Week, but my oldest has state testing as well to make sure our homeschooling efforts are keeping her on track for where she needs to be within her grade. I’m not worried for her, we’ve already gotten to fifth grade math, and her English skills are on track too. But say a prayer for us as we navigate this new territory!

  One thing I’m happy to have completed though is my Lenten Shawl— the knitting project I took on as my Lenten Discipline. I took part in the Lenten Knit Along with Willfulmina on Instagram and am honestly very surprised I finished up EARLY! Its my plan to wear the shawl at Easter Vigil.
  The salmon color yarn is yarn that I hand dyed with Madder Root several weeks ago, the oatmeal is natural undyed wool from my friend Lavonne and the navy is hand-dyed too, although just with rit dye.

  I LOVE how it turned out and have worn it out several times. With a nice little shawl pin, Im able to arrange it several ways, and make prominent the salmon or the navy, depending on what color goes best with what I’m wearing.

  The way this shawl is made is super easy. Literally all I did was a ‘yarn over’ on one end of the shawl, and that is what gave it the asymmetrical triangle shape. I haphazardly worked in stripes of the new color pretty much when I felt ready to do it (haphazard could be my middle name when it comes to crafting…I am not an exacting kind of gal).

  What I didnt realize when I started this project was that the second (middle) color would become the ‘main’ color of the whole piece, but I like how that worked out, because the oatmeal gives it a more neutral feel that goes with lots of things, instead of being more blue or more coral. I’d like to make this shawl again with a whole new color scheme.

   And so, I must run— but there are lots of {crafting on} projects over at Frontier Dreams to view this week! THanks to those who have come to visit me from there! I appreciate it so much!

  Off to our busy day now, but will be back soon!~

3 thoughts on “{Crafting On} Lenten Shawl

  1. Your shawl us absolutely lovely! ♡ There is a shawl pattern on Craftsy that looks like a wonky triangle that I was thinking about doing. I like your pattern, though, because you can make it any size! I love the colors that you created! ~♡~


  2. I think your shawl turned out beautiful! I love the way it feels very flowing from color to color and the pattern simplicity is very versatile. You did a great job and I hope you enjoy wearing it this coming weekend too.


  3. Your shawl is very pretty! I love easy knits that still look nice, and this looks to be one of them. I popped over to visit from Crafting On, but now I'm going to pop over to Instagram to follow you there. 🙂


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