New Art:: Colonial Crafters– Sewing in the Garden

 Here is my latest painting in my Colonial Crafters series! This piece depicts a mother and daughter sewing in a Williamsburg inspired garden area. I love the rusty brick and white houses of Williamsburg, and it reminds me a bit of my carriage house studio, which has a bit of Georgian style on its own!

I currently have the original of this painting listed in my etsy shop. Perhaps it needs to come live with you? 😀 I’m working on another Colonial Crafters piece, this time to do with yarn….there’s probably gonna be a spinning wheel too!

  I dont often work with these more pastel colors, but I like how this piece turned out! Very fresh and springy!
Hope you like it too!~

2 thoughts on “New Art:: Colonial Crafters– Sewing in the Garden

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I love those Williamsburg colors for the Spring and Summer. This has been an interesting series that you have been working on too. Love Williamsburg!!


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