Summer Has Come

 Beautiful garden and house at Old Sturbrdige Village in Mass.

    Well, summer is most definitely here! It has me dreaming of New England and salt box houses, airy light rooms, and beautiful bunting. Out here on the prairie it is hot, but there are adventures back east to look forward to.
   I am finishing up the last painting for my colonial crafters series, and then— believe it or not— I’ll start autumn and halloween work! Working on autumn and Christmas work help me beat the heat though, and I’ll be listening to Christmas music in no time! Gotta stay ahead of the seasons…

 A light and airy interior at Old Sturbridge Village
Patriotic scene just outside Old Sturbridge Village

     Aside from painting autumn and Christmas, I’m making plans to teach a few classes out in the studio for autumn and Christmas art. It gets so hot here in the summer and the studio doesnt have central air, so I think it will take the summer off.
   But I want to do some really fun things out there starting this fall– especially because this coming October will mark 10 years that I’ve been making and selling folk art! I was surprised to realize it— a whole decade of folk art!
   There’s been lots of changes and many adventures in those ten years. So there will be some celebrating in order come October!

   I’ve also added a link for information about wholesale purchasing of my art. If you own a shop and have a sales tax ID, you can order art wholesale from me (prints and cards!) Please email me if you’re interested in selling Sleightholm Folk Art in your shop!
  Right now I am selling in shops in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I’d love to branch out!

   Well, signing off for now— thanks so much for stopping by!
Stay cool and inspired!~

***** Photos taken by me, 4th of July Weekend 2015 at Old Sturbridge Village***

3 thoughts on “Summer Has Come

  1. Love these NE houses! Saltbox styles draw me in because of their quaint spaces and wide plank wooden floors. Congratulations on the upcoming decade celebration of selling your Folk Art!! that is fantastic and I look forward to celebrating with you sometime in October at the sweet and homey Prairie Cottage Studio. You can't start Halloween painting to early in my opinion!! Lol!! Besides, it is a great diversion to immerse yourself in while the relentless heat blazes on outside. I am looking forward to your new inspirations for 2017 too. Trick or Treat!!


  2. I almost always start working on something Halloween or winter every summer. I dislike summer immensely and it keeps my mind on the time of year I love. Congrats on 10 years!!!!


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