COMING UP: An Autumn Gathering

 “An Autumn Gathering” is a favorite tradition on my blog, where I share a collection of new autumn inspired art and host a ‘blog stroll’ that you can also take part in on your own social media!
  This year’s Autumn Gathering will take place on SATURDAY September 1.That day, I will have lots of new original goodies for you to peruse in my etsy shop. Summer here is long and hot— so once September comes, it’s all about autumn! Its time for autumn leaves and pumpkins! (no matter that its still usually 90 degrees) The season holds a special place in my heart because my birthday is often the official first day of autumn– I’m a solstice baby 🙂 and so, its always a time of merry-making and celebration!

  If you are a blogger or have a social media posting platform (instagram works too) I’d love if you’d join me for an ‘autumn stroll.’ Publish your own autumn themed post on or around September 1 and I will have a link tool on my Autumn Gathering blogpost where you can leave your info, and we can all visit each other!

So on September 1, grab a festive cup of tea, break out the knitting, and come visit! See new art and visit new friends as we come together for our autumn gathering! Hope to see you then!

  And also, don’t forget that Im still doing pre-orders for my 2009 calendar! See more images of it and make your your order HERE 

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