Summer in New England: Historic Deerfield

There are certain pockets of New England, where you turn a corner, and suddenly you realize you’ve gone back in time. Before you stretches a beautiful scene, perhaps rolling farmland, or in some instances, an entire neighborhood. That’s what happens when you enter Historic Deerfield in Deerfield, MA. It is a gorgeous street lined with antique homes, and you are welcome to meander down the sidewalk, or in some, to even step inside….it is one of my favorite places on this earth!

Historic Deerfield was founded as a living history museum in the early 1950s, and the homes that line the street are mostly original and stand where they were built. They are in amazing condition, and many of them are open to tour (sadly, no photography though! So we’ll have to console ourselves with just photos from the outside!)

In the early 18th century, Deerfield was the western-most settlement of the Massachusetts colony, and was considered the dangerous frontier. In fact, the town was the scene of a few brutal attacks and settler kidnappings (if you go to the cemetery in town, you can see a very moving monument for the mass grave of those who did not survive the attack.)

But, on a happier note, the town did eventually become a safe and thriving place to live, and many of the townsfolk did very well for themselves, as shown by the beautiful homes they were able to build for their families.

This historic area has just captured by heart and imagination and I am so impressed with the preservation that has happened here. Some of the things seen there are quite unexpected— like that blue house above? The original color! Who knew they  had mint green houses around New England back in the day?

There’s also an extensive artifact museum within the historic area that is wonderful to visit, and where you can view many of the every day items that they have collected and now store.

My favorite home in Deerfield is always the Dwight House, which I first saw on a glorious autumn day (you can find my first visit to Deerfield with friends HERE. It was a wonderful experience, and the fall color AMAAAZING. Plus, pumpkins everywhere!!)

  Below are a few photos of the Dwight house in all its glory….And ohh those colors! The red! The cream! The blue! All the colors I love, on the home style I love, and all old old old. Couldnt be more perfect for me! (When can I move in, Deerfield??)

Although I wasn’t able to take photos in the homes, you can do virtual tours of all the museum homes on the Historic Deerfield website, and I highly recommend going there and looking around!

I also found a great short video about Historic Deefield online, and thought I’d share it with you here.
Its such a lovely place, and a highlight of New England! I think if I were able to move to the northeast, Deerfield would be high on my list of towns to be in!

Enjoy and hope you are well!~

Oh PS! Next week on Aug. 28 we will celebrate Tasha Tudor’s birthday here! I hope you can stop by and join in on the merry-making!~

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