Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor

  Good morning, my friends!~
            Today we are celebrating the birthday of one of my most favorite people— my inspiration in art and life, Tasha Tudor.

   My love for Tasha Tudor goes waaaay back. I discovered her by accident when I came across a damaged copy of “The Private World of Tasha Tudor” in a discount bin at my local bookstore. Since that moment, it’s been true love….

  Over the years I’ve written a lot about Tasha, mostly in my Tasha Tuesdays series. I was even able to visit her home a few summers back, which you can read about HERE.

   Tasha life, as well as her art has always spoken to my heart. I love all the little details she puts in her work— many times she used her own home and garden and even her children as inspiration. Looking at her illustrations is like visiting the home of an old friend.

  And even though it has been many years since I found that first book about the life of Tasha Tudor, her influence on me and my own life and work has not dimmed. To me, she is a kindred spirit and Im sad I never got the chance to meet her in person. But her life and words still speak to me, and inspire me, and make me want to ‘live the life I’ve imagined’, just as she did….

Are you a fan of Tasha Tudor? What is it that you most love about her? Do you have a favorite book or painting? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor!~!

Take Joy!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor

  1. Best Birthday wishes to Tasha Tudor for all of her gifts of art and living that continue to inspire many adults and children in 2018! You had the courage to live a rich and beautiful life in the way that had meaning for you. Thank-you for all of your wonderful books that will provide generations of children with stories and images of celebrations and special holidays.


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