New Painting: Knitting Lessons

   Hello friends, and good afternoon!~
          I have a new little painting I’d like to share with you. It began really with just an idea…a mother teaching her daughter to knit….and it took me on quite an adventure! I was interested in creating an interior that was a little different than what I’ve been creating— something at once modern yet old fashioned— maybe timeless? I also wanted to use warm and rich tones.
    The little decorative pieces in the room just came to be— many of them were pleasant surprises, like the potted house plants and the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Im also really enjoying painting baskets— and hey, I love baskets in real life! Everything is better with a pretty basket, right?
  This original painting is in my etsy shop and available to buy.
   I also wanted to let you know that my second printing of my calendars are now in, and available to purchase in my shop! I love how these came out, and I am so happy to you all seem to like them too! The calendars all ship priority mail with the US, but can ship internationally as well.

Thanks so much for coming by today, come again soon!~

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