New Art: Summer Porch Nursing

         Last week I finished a new painting that I am very happy with— and one which my friends online have very excited about as well. This piece is called “Summer Porch Nursing” and was inspired by those early days of mama and babyhood, and also the wonderful calmness that comes with snuggling with your little one while being outside.
    Both my babies were immediately calmed if I went outside to rock them. Perhaps it was the sounds of nature, or the feel of the gentle breeze, but it was always the best way to cure a spell of fussiness. I was also able to nurse both my babies, my son the longest at just over a year. It is such a special thing….and something that forges such a strong bond between mother and child.
   My nursing days are now long over, with my baby now a big kid PreK’er, but this painting is a bit of a nod back to that not so far back past, when I had my own tiny baby to nurse. And it is a special memory I know a lot of mamas have, and also something to look forward to for those expectant mamas. It is without a doubt, not an easy thing and sometimes it isn’t possible. But when it can happen, and a rthymn is found, its such a tender, wonderful thing.

   The original is, happily, sold and on its way to its new home. BUT— I do have prints now freshly listed in the shop for anyone who would like them! I’ve already sold several, and I have a feeling this piece will become a shop staple. I’ll just have more done up as the others sell! But if you’d like one now— head on over and get yours now 🙂 each print will come signed and dated by me. And I just got new bookmarks printed to send along with any order, so you’ll get that little treat too while the bookmarks last!

   Well, off to finish more projects! I actually have another little painting done that I’m really pleased with and can’t wait to show you!
Til then, Take Joy!~

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