Spring Time Chickens & Other Updates

Good morning, my friends! It is a sunny beautiful day out here in Oklahoma, and we have all been enjoying it– people and hens included!
  The bulbs I planted last fall in the little garden of our backyard chapel have sprouted up and are looking lovely. Dolly the Silkie Chicken and all her lady friends have been going through, kicking up and clearing out the dirt, and snacking on any little bugs they find there. Thanks for the gardening help, girls!

   And speaking of springtime and chickens, my little painting “Easter Chickens is now available as a PRINT in my shop! You can find it HERE…..

     Some of us are less excited about the outdoors than others…..like Miss Bailey, who’s main goal in life is to find anything freshly laundered and then set herself upon it for a good nap. I found her in the bedroom on a stack of table runners and pillow cases I’d just washed, but really….she looked so sweet there, I couldn’t really be mad. In fact, I may have just run for the camera….being a cat mom sometimes makes no sense 😉 I can lint-roll a table runner anyway, can’t I? In exchange for a bit of feline ambiance?

   Oh! But yes, the real reason Im popping in today….letting you know about a shop update…I’ve also got prints of Painting the Dala Horse! My first ‘dad art’ of 2019. Im hoping to make more 🙂 I know I’m heavy on the mama art here, but ever so often I’ll pay homage to the good dads too. You can also find this print— and the original— in my etsy shop!

  Well, off I go for now….we are in the process of getting our house painted this week!!!! It is a huge undertaking! Thankfully, done by professionals and NOT me, lol! My painting is done on a much smaller scale….and with no threat of lead. Cant wait to share it all with you— and I am sharing the process over on instagram. Most of the day-to-day updates are done with my “stories”, but when its all finished I hope to collect all the stories to be one of the main tab features there. Its lots of fun to watch the process, and there is SO much to be done. Im excited, and a little nervous to see the whole thing come together. We are taking the house back to its original color of classic white with a bit of dark trim. It’s going to look so fresh and crisp— at least that’s my hope! Will have more to share about that soon!

Til then,
Take Joy!~

One thought on “Spring Time Chickens & Other Updates

  1. Your spring flowers are just lovely at the Chapel garden! And I do like your Dala horse painting with a father and children. It reminds me of the Swedish immigrants who first came to the Prairie . I wonder if they put out colorful Dala horses on the Easter table celebration? Your little Baily kitty is too sweet. Wh can resist that cute black and white face of hers???As to your latest question on IG about the 2020 calendar, I can't think of anything I would add. I totally enjoy mine and love following along the various dates and of course the art for the month. So happy you are putting together one for next year!


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