An Autumn Gathering Sept. 6

Good morning, my friends!

Well, as I sit here this morning writing to you,the fog that was on the windows has finally faded— it is so humid out and we are knee-deep in summer.

With art though, it is always good to plan ahead, and I am enjoying all sorts of painting adventures in the studio these days, planning for my favorite season— Autumn!

On Friday, September 6 I will be hosting an online “Autumn Gathering” and sale in my etsy shop, filled with lovely goodies to usher in our favorite season! New originals, prints and perhaps some notecards. I haven’t decided yet– I’m still creating it! But I am having a lot of fun thinking about beautiful, russet colored foliage, pumpkins, cozy rooms and gorgeous landscapes. The painting in this year’s ‘ad’ will also be for sale— and it’s a large piece! 11×14″. That and several other pieces will be offered for sale.

Thanks for coming by— how are enjoying the new wordpress blog format? Its my hope that this is a lot easier to read/leave comments on. If you comment, please let me know if you’ve got a blog! I miss that old blog-world community, before things got terribly slick and everyone went off to facebook. I am finding that I want to reign back on all the ‘formats’…..I like blogging and instagram. That is where Im giving my attention these days (remember, you can see all my instagram posts in the blog sidebar if you’re reading this on desktop, or find me at sleightholmfolk on the Instagram app.)

Perhaps I am already in an autumn state of mind…..getting more home centered, wanting to cut out the noise and chatter (and really, all the screaming and accusing online these days) For our collective health, I think we need to be more discerning about where we spend our time and energy. And I’m ready to spend mine painting, and here– with you!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer! And hope to see you at the shop ( on September 6!

6 thoughts on “An Autumn Gathering Sept. 6

  1. Ohhhhhhh, I have my calendar marked!!! You know how I look forward EVERY YEAR to your Autumn Gathering online!! By September’s arrival, I am so, so ready for Fall and the end to what feels like endless days of heat and humidity and rain bombs!

    Mt buddy had big time hand surgery yesterday so my time is currently full helping him as one arm is still numb from the block anesthesia and has to be in a sling. He is doing great, thankfully, and a very good humored patient!

    Is it OK with you if I make this photo of the upcoming gathering my screen saver??? I really love that painting with the cabin and the colors are fall perfect and cozy:D


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