A Late July Missive

Hello, friends. Thank you for coming by today! The month of July is slowly on the wane, and thankfully the awful heatwave has broken. I am on the home-stretch with working on my 2020 calendar, and have been stockpiling autumnal pieces for my Autumn Gathering. It all has me getting so excited for the season, and missing New England a little. But you know that about me 😉 I can’t wait to hear the marching band start to practice in the early morning, and feel a little bit of a chill in the air when I go out to feed the animals. My garden will also enjoy more gentle air and light, although it’s holding on right now….

At the moment, in the garden….the sunflowers are blooming, standing tall, about 9 to 10 feet I think, out in the full sun. The perennial hibiscus are also out, always blooming for me around the 4th of July. We are now in the midst of peach harvesting season here too….in Oklahoma, we are more peach than apple country, and I’ve got two in the yard. Our first tree is little, and was grown from a peach pit by our neighbor, who’s since passed away. Those have been ready to pick because they’re smaller, although they’ve got black spot…no matter, we will just can them as preserves or make cobbler.

One of my favorite parts of the summer though, is Fiber Christmas in July. It’s a fiber art show at the Creek County Fairgrounds in Kellyville, OK. One of my favorite fiber art ladies, Angora Jane, puts it together with her friend Kate each year. It literally makes my heart pitter-pat with delight. Its a great way to get all stocked up on good yarn, roving or fiber art supplies.

Well, this afternoon I have a little time to go out into the studio and work, so I’m going to snatch it up. I’ve got salt box house scenes on the painting table, and I cant wait to get back to to them. Cant wait to show you all I’ve been working on for the autumn!

Hope you are well! Will write more soon–

Take Joy!


One thought on “A Late July Missive

  1. Your peaches look beautiful and bountiful all gathered in the basket! I am interested in hearing how your preserves turn out too. That is the beauty of a simple process like canning . Come a cold January morn, you can crack open a jar of Summer and Make that toast or bagel something special. Sunflowers always make for a statement of Summer’s best; big warmth and big color unique to the fleeting moments of the season.

    Hmmm, that autumn scene on the canvas? Nothing makes me more excited than to realize that we are making it closer and closer to when my favorite season will arrive! A red saltbox house amid the colors of Maples all ablaze………a Beautiful site! Here in Ontario, Canada, there are Maple trees everywhere and jugs of Maple syrup to attest to their annual giving of bounty. This place must be incredible to me October!! Your painting here reminds me of what Maple trees can give when Fall settles into the landscape.

    Yay for an Autumn Gathering moving closer each week!,


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