Autumn Open House

Hello, my friends and welcome to my Autumn Open House! This morning I have freshly listed several original works into my etsy shop— all devoted to the brilliantly beautiful and homey season of Autumn

In this shop update you’ll find original paintings, hand painted boxes and also Halloween ornaments of ghosts and witches.

I’ve been working on these pieces for the past few months— it’s been hard to hold them back and save them, but I feel like they make more of a splash when released together.

I am so happy with how they came out, and perhaps there will be something that catches your eye? This trio of little painted boxes have been painted and aged to resemble an old heirloom box, and are perfect for putting little bits and bobbles in; they could be displayed on a table or shelf, or used as a little sewing box!

I also made several of my popular ghost and witch ornaments, all of which have their own unique personalities— even their own names! You can get to know each little lady in my etsy shop, they are always so much fun to make. They are created with cloth, paint and a bit of coffee stained cheese cloth! So they’re cute and smell amazing too! 🙂

I am also SO so pleased to be presenting three original paintings for sale, all made over the summer at my paint-flecked desk in the carriage house studio. I had the window AC running and the old movies going on the tv, and a bit of Tasha Tudor as well!

I also took great inspiration for my painting settings from my old Country Living Magazines…I LOVE to collect the Country Livings from the 1980s and 1990s. They have the best homes with old homespun ambiance! I find they are perfect for getting me inspired for little vignettes to set scenes in. The painting below was inspired by a colonial style home in my home state of Oklahoma— obviously, not really from the colonial era— but beautiful none the less!

“Harvest Kitchen”

Thesedarling sisters were a fun project as well, and I wanted to paint two sweet little girls in an autumn setting. They are dark complected and dark eyed, as I wanted to reflect the diversity that was the United States, even from its earliest days. I’d love for whoever purchases this painting to find the stories of these girls in their own hearts– and I am always so honored when a painting makes a connection that I can’t even anticipate!

Eudocia & Eugenia

This painting is another indoor scene, and what I enjoyed about this piece was the opportunity to ‘paint’ a weaving– shown on the wall behind the woman stitching. Over this past year, I have really enjoyed delving into my own stitching projects, and so I wanted to give a little nod to humble stitchers everywhere with this piece. And autumn always makes me want to come in and be cozy, working on a project– there’s always a project!

Hannah’s Stitches

I also painted some small New England salt box style paintings, which are perfect to tuck into autumn decor. They are painted on wood panels that can be hung right on the wall, or they are also able to sit up on their end so that they can be on a shelf or mantle, etc. I think they look quite cute paired with a little pumpkin— this little bitty pumpkin actually grew in my garden! Now it’s saved for all posterity in these photos!

And this final painting is my largest one in quite some time— it measures 12×16″ and was done on a large wooden panel. This piece was inspired by my time volunteering at Hunter’s Home, and dyeing yarn outside the little cabin on the grounds.

These ladies are dyeing with goldenrod, which is not just starting to come into bloom here where I live. Goldenrod makes a bright, buttery yellow color, and these ladies no doubt have been spinning all summer to make yarn to dye, and are simmering the plants and yarns in their big black pot on an open fire! Of course, big sister minds the baby on the porch, while the big turkey and chickens strut through the yard.

Yarn & Goldenrod

Well, that is what I’ve been working on lately! And now I’ve moved on to Christmas art! I hope you like the new pieces, perhaps there is one you’d like to come live with you? Please check the shop to see what’s currently available!

Thanks so much, and hurray for Autumn!


2 thoughts on “Autumn Open House

  1. It is a fine day for the Autumn Gathering !! All of your new pieces are lovely and I am excited to have been able to grab a few to add to my collection this year. I have been gathering pieces from each Autumn Gathering over the years and every time I bring them out, it is always a joy! My autumn collection now rivals my Christmas box that contains ornaments from my childhood forward.

    Thank-you for working to put this year’s event together again. I know it takes months of dedicated work on your art all while it is blazing hot outside. Your Autumn Gathering is the perfect way to open up the fall season, which is beloved by many for its energy infusion after the long hot summer. Pumpkins and dreamy autumn landscapes remind each of us of fond memories of autumns past. I can’t wait to see real fall leaves come this October in Oklahoma!!


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