Edging Towards Autumn

The heat here is still awful. But it hasn’t stopped me from trying to get out into the garden and get some work done, or from pulling out the spinning wheel and try to get some yarn spun up for the blossoming goldenrod.

My very favorite season is nearly upon us, and how unbelievably right and proper it is that the first day of autumn should fall on my birthday this year!

The signs of the approaching season of all this is golden and good are starting to make themselves known. In the garden, I found that more swallowtail babies have been born, this time on the Rue plant. I love that the butterflies seem to have made the little cottage garden out back into their baby nursery, and the kids and I always go out and check our little caterpillars, anxious to see when they start to get in the cocoon. So far, none have taken the plunge yet. But after they’ve eaten enough, they will!

There are also very happy monarchs all about, the star of early autumn for sure. We are all just waiting for a kind cool breeze to make its way to us, and some days I’d just settle for an overcast sky! I’m itching to get out and get the roses trimmed up and fertilized, and we are hoping to plant some new trees since we lost two massive ones in the tornado this past spring.

Like with anywhere, life does go on in the garden….massive things you thought would be standing forever are gone, but new life comes take its place.

I haven’t been spinning often lately, but the sight of fields full of ripening goldenrod waiving in the heat got me thinking it was time to get to dyeing things again!

I’m spinning up some beautiful romney/shetland wool I bought from my friend Lavonne and will make up a big pot of the yellow blossoms….truthfully, I think I like the yellow made with coreopsis best, but goldenrod plus indigo make a fantastic green. So I cant wait to do a little playing with that….hopefully the weather cooperates enough so I can set up a dye table outside soon! If not, I’ll have to simmer away out in the studio with the fan blasting on high! Not quite the autumnal ambiance I had in mind!

I hope you are doing well this week, and also get a chance to enjoy some things you love. Are you so excited about the coming Downton Abbey movie?! I know I am! I’m going with some friends to see it for my birthday! How sweet of them all to release the movie just in time for my celebration 😉

Well, back to work for me! Be well and most of all–

Take Joy!~

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