On a Rainy September Day…

Perhaps in an effort to truly usher in autumn, rains have been blowing through the landscape here on the prairie, making for stormy, rumbly nights and very dark mornings.

Ever so often the sun peeks through, and the humidity bubbles up…never too far away. But there’s nothing I like more than a quiet, over cast day, cup of tea and hand and little dog not too far from my feet.

The garden has been enjoying the rain too, and what a respite. I’m feeling pretty satisfied with myself that I managed to get the roses remulched between deluges, which should keep them happy and blooming as we go through the autumn. There will still be plenty of sunny days left, and we are nowhere near freezing temperatures, so I’m hoping a reprieve from the most brutal summer temperatures will inspire them to bloom once again.

I’ve also been out in the studio, painting for Christmas– it has to be done! Because Christmas will be (it always is!) here before we know it. And I’ll be lamenting why I wasnt painting Christmas in the spring! It helps to listen to Christmas Carols, the old English ones are my favorites, making me think of still, snowy meadows and glossy holly bushes full of little winter birds, and ancient stone churches just over the hill-rise….

The love of English things is strong here at the moment, especially with birthday money at my disposal! Monday was my birthday, and also the first day of autumn. Fitting, don’t you think?

I’ve been looking at beautiful books about decorating the English country way, and also recently discovered the beloved English author Elizabeth Goudge. A friend recommended her book The Scent of Water and it has been lovely– a woman inherits an old English cottage in a small village from a half-forgotten relative, and explores the home, community and her own life in the process. It is gentle and charming, and Goudge has quickly become a favorite. I think I’ll read her book The White Witch next, as I’ve seen it advertised by her fanclub online as a good book for October.

And while painting and reading seem to be my go-to endeavors as of late, I am still stitching when I can! I purchased a booklet from Blackbird Designs called Maria Selby Humphrey- 1831 and have enjoyed looking through it, and stitching up some tiny motifs from the designs inside. The booklet charts an actual antique sampler made by a young woman named Maria Selby Humphrey and also adds smaller projects inspired by the works.

Well, it seems the rain has tapered off, so I will take my tea and my dog and wander over to the studio for a bit of painting time. I am so happy to see the mellowing coming in the weather, however slowly it seems to amble. Wishing you all the best this early autumn, and happy creating in your own life!

Take Joy!~

2 thoughts on “On a Rainy September Day…

  1. There is nothing more cozy than a rainy day where the rains are not pouring down in downpours and indoor things feel inviting and soothing! Apparently, we are in a dry spell down here compared to what was happening when I left 15 days ago for Ireland. While visiting there we had several rainy and chilly days and it felt wonderful! Needing a sweater and searching out for a hot coffee or tea was just the best after the endless hot Florida hot Summer!

    I hope your beautiful roses keep on blooming away this Fall. You have had some gorgeous photos this summer from your garden.

    I am unfamiliar with Elizabeth Gouge, but she sounds interesting and I should look her up and read what she has to say.


  2. I saw your comment on my old blog and decided to check you out! I’m so glad I did. It’s funny that you mentioned that book…I haven’t heard of it but was just telling my librarian that I particularly love books about women inheriting old cottages and finding themselves…like Under the Tuscan Sun, or Thornyhold by Mary Stewart! I’ll have to check out Elizabeth G!


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