Custom Ancestor Painting

Hi there, friends—

Hope you are all hanging in there! Another Monday here….I think this is….the 5th week the kids have been out of school and everything more or less shut down?

With all this time at home, i have been getting into all sorts of craft and painting projects! One of which is my new offering “Ancestor Paintings.” I have three openings available this morning for a custom 4×12″ canvas painting to honor your particular ancestor.

This is particularly nice if you dont have a photo of your ancestor— we can create a likeness of them to pass down, along with their story, for more generations to come.

With the ancestor I’ll also paint them with items and elements that would have been important to them. A quilt, a book, a basket of yarn….there are so many options, all customizeable to your loved one.

Purchasing your own Ancestor Painting:

Commissioning your ancestor painting is easy and all done through etsy. At the moment I’ve got three slots open– and you can purchase your portrait through the listing I’ve made on etsy. After you’ve purchased your painting, you can message me via etsy about who you would like me to paint— tell me details about their life and, to the best of your knowledge or ability, what they may have looked like. Let me know what made them so special….where did they live? What did they love to do? The more you share the better I can customize the piece to instantly remind you of your loved one.

I plan to continue to offer these paintings in small batches, so I dont get ahead of myself and also know that I have the supplies to create them on hand in these bizarre quarantine times!

Once these three slots for paintings sell, the listing will be sold out until I renew it again with more openings. You can usually hear more about these and the pieces I’ve made on instagram.

Thanks so much!


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