Bee’s Wax Stitching Waxers

hi there, friends!

I hope you’re doing well this evening. I’ve been busy creating little things for you and for me! On Sunday I decided to make a big batch of bee’s wax stitching waxers, which are an important part of my stitching. I had several extras, so I decided to list some on etsy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular they are, and so I will definitely make some more!

The waxers are used to keep your sewing thread from getting tangled. The wax keeps the thread from looping around knotting, and so you spend far less time untangling snarls when your thread is waxed. Especially when you’re working with multi-strands of thread like when cross stitching or embroidering, a waxer is a life saver!

I make my waxers out of pure bee’s wax and as a mold I use an antique cast iron mold that used to belong to my grandma. It makes the waxers into little ‘cakes’ with scalloped edges, which are perfect for running your thread across!

The waxers are about 3 inches in circumference, but they are thick and last for a good long time. And since they are solid bee’s wax, they will last forever and are good to the vert tiniest sliver. They also smell amazing!

I also don’t use any sort of coloring with these waxers, so they wont stain your sewing work accidentally.

These waxers are also made in such a way that they are period correct for using if you are sewing at a living history event. There is literally nothing in them but wax, and the mold use is also an antique! So one day….when we can go out to historical sites again….this is a great addition to your little sewing basket! But— of course— they’re just as useful to modern stitchers! They are— in fact— timeless! And oh-so-handy.

You can find these waxers in my etsy shop HERE. My first batch is getting low, but I have already got more wax on hand to make a second batch. If they continue to be popular, they may become a staple in my shop!

Anyhow, I hope you’re having a great week! Happy stitching and, of course–

Take Joy!

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