A Time of Roses

Good morning my friends, and happy May! Can you believe that we are in the merry month of May? The only way I can really tell is by being in my garden– which is a riot of roses and other beautiful spring flowers.

All the other merriment I’m used to at this time of year— the herb festivals, May Day at Hunter’s Home— were cancelled. But spring definitely was not.

I’ve been spending a lot of time stitching as well— and of course I’ve got thread flowers on the brain! I just created and listed this pattern for PDF download in my etsy shop! It is an embroidery pattern as opposed to a cross stitch pattern, so you are given the image that you then transfer onto your cloth. The fun thing about that is, you can put it on any cloth you’d like to and you don’t need to worry about thread count— although the sample piece was created on Irish linen. You can find the pattern, which is downloaded instantly to your Etsy account, HERE.

And now, let’s go see the flowers in the garden, shall we?!?!…..

“The Alnwick Rose” by David Austin Roses was the last of my roses to bloom, and what an amazing treat! She is even nestled up near a large shrub of perennial rosemary—- roses in the rosemary! I bought this rose on clearance at Lowes last spring for some ridiculously low price…..so you know I was absolutely thrilled when it thrived and then presented me with such beautiful, old fashioned roses. And the smell is amazing— all the David Austins have a gorgeous scent— but this rose is particularly fruity and luscious. I’m afraid on instagram I’m bombarding everyone with photos of roses because I’m just so thrilled to see their old fashioned faces again!

The front garden bed bloomed out very lush and full this spring— so full I think a few of my friends— er, flowers— in there will need to be transplanted into different spots! But I love the color of the purple iris against the pink roses, and the weeping cedar in the midst of it all. I never really thought I was much of a ‘pink’ person, but I look around the garden and realize— it looks like I am!

The cottage garden in the backyard is in, I believe, it’s third year this year. And it is looking absolutely fantastic (if I do say so myself!) It used to be a very old stone patio that unfortunately had cracked and crumbled so much that grass was growing through it— we’d have to weed-eat the patio! So we ended up digging it out and reusing the stones to created the flower beds. We just dug out the second half of it these past couple of weeks, and have put in a veggie bed, so I’m very excited about that….although at the moment that basically looks like dirt and some tiny plants in it πŸ˜‰ but that’s how they all start!

The lavender in the cottage garden is getting very mature and beautiful. Lavender for me is temperamental, but when it finds a spot that suits it, it really thrives. This year I’m hoping to harvest my own lavender, and maybe plant a few more bushes on the veggie side….if the lavender fates are with me πŸ˜‰

Even indoors you can’t quite get away from the roses (but why would you WANT to!?!?) After a big storm the other night, a central branch in my “Belinda’s Dream” rosebush collapsed, so I cut it out to prevent it from smothering the rest of the bush. Of course you know that branch was covered in roses! So I cut the blooms and made myself a couple of vases full…these roses in particular always look gorgeous even when they’re getting tattery and faded. Lovely til the petals fall!

I am also currently reading “The Bird in the Tree” by Elizabeth Goudge who it seems to me, is now my favorite author! There’s an instagram account called “The Elizabeth Goudge Book Club” that is an excellent account for information and deep thought about her books, and each month the book club reads a certain book to deep dive into. The month of May has us reading “The Bird in the Tree.”

I actually just finished reading “The Castle on the Hill” by Goudge, and I have to say— it was an excellent read for this pandemic state of our lives. I highly, highly recommend it. But I highly recommend ALL her books πŸ™‚

Well, I shall go for now. Time to start the day!

I hope you are safe and well, and most of all I hope you can–

Take Joy!

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