The Peak of Summer

Hello there, friends,

How are you? Here it is very, very hot— we are at the peak of summer! I can’t believe we’ve already come to the end of July, and the month of August coming this weekend. Here in Oklahoma, it is peach season, and I’m in the midst of harvesting from our own tiny orchard (two trees!) and trying to preserve and freeze what we can. The peaches are so pretty… and it’s so amazing to watch the cycle of the tree every year, from bud to blossom to little green fruits to fresh ripe peaches. I made preserves the other day, but of course the jars didnt seal! so looks like we’ll have to eat it up pretty quick 😉

One thing I always look forward to in late July, though, is “Fiber Christmas in July”, a fiber art show nearby. This year I bought a few skeins and some roving from Apothefaery, enough to keep me busy through the fall and winter, I think! I cant wait for the weather to turn so I can get my knits out again….

The garden has reached the state where only the most hardy of flowers are thriving, as plants like roses go a little dormant and wait for cooler temperatures of autumn to bloom again. Purple phlox and black eyed susans, as shows below, are looking lovely. And I’ve got zenias and sunflowers out too. I’ve noticed hummingbirds making the rounds and lots of bees and, not so picturesquely– wasps– out in the gardens. We’ve gotten another generation of swallowtail butterfly caterpillars safely in our little bug tent inside, as we notice them on the dill. I’d leave them out on the dill, but some sort of night predator seems to get then in the night, so I’ve started just bringing them in for safety (and our entertainment!). When they emerge as butterflies, we will let them out in the cottage garden. Maybe next year they’ll return to have their own babies?

Currently, I am working on autumn stitching patterns and finishing up the edits on the 2021 calendar. I’ll be making the bulk order this week, and the preorder is stil open through Wednesday! Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered yours, I appreciate it so much! Yours will be the first ones mailed out as soon as I have them in my hands! 😀

Come back again tomorrow, because I have some fun Tasha Tudor news! Til then, I’ll be busy with autumn work and….I should really be painting Christmas!

Til then,

Take Joy!

3 thoughts on “The Peak of Summer

  1. Beautiful yarn! I might pick up my knitting needles again soon…… so glad to have reached the peak of summer- that surely means the cooler temperatures of autumn are on the way!


  2. Ahhh, there is nothing like those hardy flowers just blooming their hearts out during hot summer days! Zinnias also are a big favorite of mine and I can’t seem to raise them in my yard because of the many soil pests and the humidity. I love to see them in a vase with all those bright colors together too!

    Your peaches are gorgeous! I am sorry that your jam didn’t seal but maybe you can freeze the jelly and use it later in January or February . Canning can be tricky sometimes and frustrating when it doesn’t do right! Time to purchase vanilla ice cream and use the jam on top for a delicious summer treat and topped with fresh peach slices. It is perfect for dinner on a hot and humid night when nobody wants to cook any way!! LOL!!


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